4 Home Security Tips for the Summer

Spring has finally arrived, with summer close behind it, but these warmer months also mean one thing—a rise in criminal activity.


According to a Department of Justice report on seasonal crime patterns, burglaries are over 10% more common in the summer than in the winter.



So, what can you do to protect yourself, your family, and your valuables? Here are some easy tips.


  1. Secure Windows and Doors


Yes it winter and you can finally open up your windows, but any window that is easily accessible from ground level is a potential point of entry into your home. For windows that slide horizontally, find a bar or stick that allows you to open your window partially, but not enough to let someone pass through.


  1. Motion-Sensitive Lighting


Criminals prefer to operate in the dark, and one of the best ways to spook a potential burglar is to install motion sensitive lighting that will light up your entire yard at the slightest hint of action. Since doors are the most common ports of entry for burglars, make sure to install lights at each of those locations. It wouldn’t hurt to have lights above large, ground-level windows as well.


  1. Move Your Spare Key


Sure you may think you have found the perfect spot for your spare key, but chances are you’re not as sneaky as you think. Spare keys shouldn’t be left under doormats (the #1 spot), under flower pots, or anywhere that a burglar could find in less than a minute. Sure it’s a bit of a pain if you lock yourself out to track down your expertly hidden spare key, but the consequences of a bad hide job are much worse.


  1. Conceal Your Vacation


Summer is vacation time, and criminals are experts at watching for signs that occupants may be out of town. If you are planning an extended vacation in the next few months, make sure to have a neighbor or a friend stop by every day to pick up your mail, newspapers, packages, and anything else that could signal that you’re not home if left out for too long. It also helps to leave a light on or two in your house. Yes it will cost money for the extra electricity, but again—it’s worth it.


4 Home Security Tips for the Summer