4 Security Trends To Watch For In 2015

Our recent blog post on the CALSAGA website takes a look at some emerging  security trends to watch for in 2015 as the industry moves toward specialization, increased use of technology, and more uniform standards for training and oversight. In January, we published an article on upcoming trends in the security industry that focused on the use of technology and neighborhoods that are hiring their own security guards due to local police departments that are overburdened and understaffed.


Technology will continue to play a major role in contract security, especially with the development of robotic security guards like those developed by Mountain View based company, Knightscope. The new high tech security guards, referred to as  an Autonomous Data Machines, have the ability to use facial recognition software, scan license plates and use predictive analytics to determine when and where certain types of crime are most likely to occur.


Another way that technology will be used to increase the effectiveness of security is through remote monitoring, which is an aspect that the Knightscope robot will also help with. While the limitations of closed circuit televisions are that they offer only a limited or fixed view, this is not the case with the K5 and K10 security robots being developed in Silicon Valley. Not only will remote monitoring become more widely used in 2015, but we may have a drastically more effective method for using it as the technology continues to develop and evolve.