4 Steps for Performing an Annual Security Audit

New Year’s has come and gone, and one of the most important things every business can do is conduct an annual security audit. Once a year, it’s important to review your safety protocols and procedures to ensure that you are keeping your employees, customers, and business safe.



Check out our audit list below to see how you can implement an annual security audit for your company.


Step 1: Test all Security Equipment


One of the best deterrents of crime is security equipment like alarms, video cameras, and automatic locks. Make sure to check all of your equipment and make sure they are working properly. Often times during the year it can be easy to overlook a door that is not functioning properly, or never even realize that an alarm has stopped working since they are rarely used. Because of this, it’s a good idea to get a team of people to go around and check all doors, locks, cameras, automatic lights, and any other equipment you have in place.


Step 2: Review Safety Procedures With Your Staff


Sometimes, employees are the best line of defense against security threats. If you have a security manual, make sure to schedule time to meet collectively as a team to go over any essential elements like alarm codes, what to do if you notice a suspicious person, and local emergency numbers. Security protocols are often buried in company manuals, so it’s important to review these regularly with your staff and make sure everyone is prepared in case there is a security breach.


Step 3: Review Your Security Staffing Needs


It’s also important once a year to review your current security staff or agency. Needs change over time, and you could require more or less security services than you did in a previous year. Also, it’s important to regularly review the security services that are available in your area. Security companies change just like any other type of organization, and you want to make sure that your security team is providing a benefit to your business.


Step 4: Set up a Mock Security Event With Local Emergency Response Teams


Just like in school, it can be a good idea to partner with a local police department or security agency to stage a mock security event. This helps to expose weaknesses in your current security protocols, and helps form a relationship with the security team that would be responding in case of an emergency. If your local police department isn’t willing to work on this with you, there are many security firms that would be happy to go through this process with you.


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