4 Tips for Protecting Your Home

Your home is meant to be a safe haven for both your family and your most prized possessions. But, a burglar can turn your world upside down in a matter of minutes. Here are 4 tips to ensure that burglars think twice about invading your house.

Motion-Sensitive Lighting

Burglars prefer to do their business in the dark. With motion-sensitive lighting, an intruder may get spooked that someone inside the house has noticed their presence. Installing a motion-detection system in your front and backyards requires a small budget and usually a quick trip to the hardware store.

Keep Up Appearances

If you plan on being out of town for extended periods of time, make sure that you have a friend picking up your newspaper and hiding them out of site. Also, some burglars will check mailboxes before they enter homes, so it also helps to have your friend empty out your mailbox every day. Finally, keep your lawn and plants manicured with regular watering and upkeep.

House Sitters

Some burglars prefer to stake out homes for multiples nights/days to figure out the perfect time to enter the house. Before leaving town, make sure that a neighbor or friend makes regular stops to your house and parks their car in the driveway. Also, have them turn on as many lights as possible for a few hours to give the impression of a busy home.

Install Cameras

The price of security cameras has fallen dramatically over the past few years. With so many options on the market, consider buying one and placing it in conspicuous areas in your front and back yards. As with all home security measures, the goal is to make burglars feel like they are being watched. Hiding security cameras is only helpful AFTER a crime has occurred.


As a reminder, the most important security measure you can take for your home or business is having a regular security presence. Most thieves do not want any kind of a physical confrontation, and don’t want to be seen. If you are considering hiring a security service, give us a call today.



4 Tips for Protecting Your Home