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Marijuana security – or “420 security” is a growing concern as more businesses begin to operate in the industries of producing, processing, transporting and selling marijuana products – both for recreational use in states with legalized marijuana, and for medicinal use in states that have not yet legalized the drug for recreational use.

The importance of 420 security cannot be overemphasized. Marijuana is an extremely valuable commodity, and the all-cash nature of many marijuana businesses – combined with the fact that marijuana is still illegal in some states – makes it a unique business with its own challenges.

That’s why you need a security firm that is well-versed in 420 security and marijuana security – such as First Security Services. Let’s discuss the basics of marijuana security now, and why you need to partner with a specialized, expert security company to secure your business and assets.

Understanding The Threats That Face Marijuana Businesses – And How To Address Them

Marijuana companies are at risk from a variety of unique threats, including:

  • Marijuana product shrink and loss – The value and easy portability of marijuana can make it an attractive product for theft. Internal employees and customers alike may attempt to steal marijuana products, resulting in product shrink and loss. Proper video monitoring, uniformed officers and access control for marijuana are key for preventing this.
  • Robbery and theftDeadly robberies have occurred at marijuana facilities before. Marijuana businesses are attractive targets due to the high value of the products, and the all-cash nature of the business. Uniformed, armed officers can help reduce this risk, as can adequate security systems and alarm systems.
  • Failure to abide by local regulations – Local cities, counties and the state of California all have security regulations that must be in place to avoid steep penalties. To ensure your business is protected from fines, it’s critical to work with a 420 security firm like First Security Services.

Protect Your Facility, Assets, Employees, And Reputation With 420 Security

Marijuana security is critical for your business for a number of reasons. Let’s take a look at just a few of the reasons that 420 security from First Security Services is so important.

  • Protect your facility – Whether you’re running a grow facility and are concerned about unauthorized access, vandalism or employee theft, or you operate a dispensary and would like a guard to help protect your facility from robbery or unauthorized entry, 420 security services are a great option.
  • Protect your assetsBanking regulations make it difficult for marijuana-related businesses to bank, meaning most businesses operate using cash. Not only that, but marijuana is an extremely valuable commodity. 420 security services can help protect both cash and marijuana assets, and prevent theft and robbery – a growing problem in the world of marijuana-related businesses.
  • Protect your employees – Uniformed, experienced 420 security personnel can help protect your employees from robbery, assault, and more. Whether you want a guard on- site at a marijuana processing facility or at a dispensary, you’ll be assured that your employees are protected.
  • Protect your reputation – Unfortunately, marijuana-related businesses suffer from a stigma thanks to the illegality of marijuana on a federal level and in many states. Hiring security staff helps protect your reputation, and ensure that your marijuana business does things “by the book.”

The importance of 420 security cannot be overlooked. And at First Security Services, we’ve turned our 50+ years of operational expertise towards businesses in the marijuana industry. With more than 2,000 uniformed officers available, we can offer you the best 420 security services in California. Learn more below.

Our 420 Security Services For Marijuana Growers And Processing

We offer comprehensive, end-to-end 420 security services for marijuana facilities. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Facilities security and check-in – From checking in guests to regular foot patrols throughout your facility, we’ll ensure that building security is always prioritized, and that no unauthorized individuals gain access to your facilities or assets.
  • Video installation/monitoring – We can install and monitor video systems based on state regulations, keeping an eye on every part of your facility and guests, employees, contractors and other individuals.
  • Access control systems – From simple master key solutions to biometric scanners and other complex access control systems, we can ensure that the risk of employee theft or unauthorized access is reduced.
  • Loading and shipment security – We offer experienced security personnel who can observe the loading and shipment of your products, ensuring their safety.
  • Foot and vehicle patrols – We can offer regular, after-hours patrols at facilities of all sizes, ensuring you’re alerted to any potential unauthorized entry.

Our 420 Security Services For Marijuana Dispensaries And Collectives

If you run a dispensary or other business-to consumer shop, 420 security services are a great option. We offer:

  • Uniformed armed/unarmed guards – Whether you wish to have armed or unarmed guards present, we can ensure the safety of your employees and guests.
  • Door ID checks and first-line protection – We can check IDs and ensure that only authorized visitors can enter your store, providing first-line protection.
  • Alarm systems and video monitoring – From monitoring your store for break-ins to looking for suspicious guest or employee activity, we offer full-service, end-to-end 420 security services with alarm systems and video monitoring.
  • Employee training and education – We can educate your employees and personnel to ensure that they know how to respond in emergencies, protect your assets, and maximize security at your business.

Our 420 Security Services For Marijuana Transportation & Logistics

The transportation of cash and marijuana is a serious vulnerability for many marijuana companies, which is why we offer transportation and logistics services.

  • Armed or unarmed escorts – We can offer escorts for marijuana deliveries, ensuring your products reach their destination intact.
  • Armored cars – We offer armored transportation of cash to your destination, ensuring your assets are protected.
  • Route planning – Our team of security experts will help plan the safest, best routes for your products, as well as backup routes to ensure maximum safety.
  • Loading/unloading security services – We can supervise the loading and unloading of your marijuana assets, maximizing security and employee safety.

First Security Services – Experienced, Trained And Versatile

At First Security Services, we have a team of specialist marijuana security personnel who are always available to help you secure your business and your assets, and protect your employees and your reputation. We always put our clients first!

As one of the leading security companies in California, our reputation speaks for itself. To learn more about our 420 security services and see if we are a good choice for your security needs, don’t wait. Contact us now, and we can discuss this subject in further detail – and help you develop a marijuana security system that’s right for your company.