5 Signs of Suspicious Behavior at Your Business

While a private security force can be incredibly helpful for reducing crime at your business, it’s also helpful to train your employees on spotting potentially suspicious behavior. In this blog, we outline 5 cases of suspicious behavior that should be reported to your private security company.


5 Signs of Suspicious Behavior at Your Business



Non-Employees Loitering Near Entrances


Keeping entrances and exits secure is one of the most important things you can do for your business. If you notice non-employees hanging around entrances, it could be a sign that they are studying ways to enter your office, either during or after hours. If you notice unknown persons loitering around entrances, make sure to report it immediately to your security team.


Callers Asking Suspicious Questions


Many criminals will try to extract information from your employees as a way to gain knowledge about security vulnerabilities. It’s important to train your front desk employees to identify the difference between inquiring customers and potential thieves. Questions about employee hours, your security service/system, and sensitive information like passwords/logins could be a sign that someone is trying to use social engineering to gain access to your office or security system.


Odd Employee Hours


While it’s difficult to think that any of your employees might want to steal from you, the truth is that for some industries, employee theft can be the biggest source of fraud in your business. Because of this, it’s important to keep an eye on when employees are clocking in and out, and if they are entering the premises when they aren’t scheduled to work.  If employees are entering your office at early hours, or leaving at late hours, it could signal that they are seizing an opportunity to steal from the business.


Door-to-Door Salesman and Unknown Persons


While door-to-door sales used to be the primary method of sales in the country before the advent of the telephone and internet, it’s pretty rare today that sales people will show up unexpectedly at your door. Before engaging any sales people or allowing them to enter your place of business, make sure you ask for a reference, ID, and information about the business that they represent. Though the sales person might balk at being asked such questions, there are a variety of ways that people can scheme businesses today, both with technology and other means. To cut down on scammers trying to enter your business, implement a keycard system and make sure to train your front desk workers to identify potentially suspicious persons.


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