5 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe During the Holidays

With extended vacations and high-priced items stored in virtually every house, the holidays are a prime time for thieves to strike. But, you don’t have to be a victim! Check out these tips below to ensure that robbers skip your house this year.


Move Gifts Out of Sight

We all love putting our Christmas trees by our front windows to spread a bit of Christmas joy. The problem is, if you have gifts under the tree, it’s very easy for robbers to evaluate if your home is ripe for the picking. Try keeping the packages out of sight until just a few days before Christmas, or move your tree to a place where it is not readily available from the outside. It’s also a good idea to turn your Christmas tree off when you’re not at home, both for fire and security reasons.


Leave Lights On

A lot of people visit family and leave home for the holidays. If you intend on being away from home for more than a few days, make sure to leave at least one or two lights on inside the house to appear as though you are home. Houses with no lights on inside or outside are a good signal to robbers that no one is home.


Hire a House Sitter

Another good option for keeping your home secure while you are out of town is to hire a house sitter. When potential thieves see that there is a car outside of the home and lights are on inside, they are much less likely to strike. However, it’s important to make sure you choose a trusted friend or family member to watch your house. If someone is struggling financially during the holidays, stealing from friends and family is sadly an easy tactic.


Don’t Post on Social Media

It can be tempting to post pictures of your holiday vacations on Facebook and Instagram. However, if your posts are public, it means that anyone can see that you are away from home and that your house is unsecured. Make sure to hold your posts until after the holidays and you’ve returned home—otherwise, you could be in for a nasty surprise when you get home.


Be Careful When Talking About Holiday Plans

It’s tempting to tell anyone and everyone your exciting plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, this is a big problem if you are talking to someone who knows, or has easy access to look up, your address. Co-workers, workers at retail stores, and gardeners are just a few examples of people that you may not want to disclose your holiday plans to. Make sure to think twice before mentioning anything about being out of town.


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5 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe During the Holidays