5 Ways A Security Guard Rental Can Help Your Monterey Business

There’s a lot that goes into running a successful business and one of the most important aspects is the safety of its employees and customers. No one wants to work, much less shop for a product, in an environment that feels unsafe, either indoors or outside. Here are 5 ways that renting a security guard can help improve the safety of your Monterey County business.


5 Ways A Security Guard Rental Can Help Your Monterey Business


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1. Visual Deterrent


Having a uniformed security presence at your business has shown to be an effective way to deter crime before it happens. Not only does it send a clear message to potential security threats, but it can go a long way toward making your customers and employees feel safer as well.


2. Dispatch Center


One of the most important tools at the disposal of a security professional is communication. When you rent a security guard, whether it’s for a day or a week, they will have ongoing communication with our quick response dispatch center that is available around the clock. The dispatch center maintains a constant line of contact with all assigned security personnel, as well as the Monterey Police Department.


3.   Armed & Unarmed


Renting a security guard can be a great decision for any business in the Monterey area, especially if you have a retail or office setting that needs an extra level of security. Depending on the circumstances, you may want to opt for an unarmed security guard rental–usually the best choice for businesses that feel they need a uniformed presence, parking enforcement or an extra set of eyes. Armed security guard rentals are also available in Monterey and are recommended for businesses that face a clear threat or are in an area where the use of force may be required to address a situation.


4. Undercover Guards


Undercover security can be a great option for busy retail locations in Monterey, especially those that have a large amount of foot traffic. Renting an undercover security guard can help a business in many ways. For one, some customers are put off by the presence of a uniformed security guard (for whatever reason). Having an undercover officer at a retail location is a great way to prevent shoplifting and employee shrink, without making any customers uncomfortable.


5.  Parking Lot Security


Parking lot security is one of the most vital points of business protection. Not only can parking lots and parking structures be dangerous, but they’re also a point of access to your business and an important part of your customer or client experience.


You can rent security guards specifically for parking enforcement and towing, to do routine security patrols, or both. Managing the ins and outs of your parking lot is important since it directly reflects on the business, its employees and the clientele it attracts. Keeping a safe, well-lit parking structure or parking lot that is free of loitering and trespassing is a huge step in making sure your customers will come back again and again.


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