6 Tips for Keeping Your Business Safe During the Holidays

The holidays are supposed to be a time of happiness and cheer, but unfortunately, it’s also the time of year when commercial crime sees a huge spike. If you own a business, check out these tips below to help keep your company and employees safe.


6 Tips for Keeping Your Business Safe During the Holidays


1. Review Security Protocols for Employee Information

Identify theft is a huge risk during the holidays as criminals look to run up charges on credit cards. Double check the security for sensitive employee information, including physical files and online databases. It also may be worthwhile to invest in identify insurance like Life Lock to ensure that you are your employees personal information remains secure.

2. Install Outside Lights

As winter sets in, the days get shorter, and that means more dark hours for thieves to operate in. Consider installing lights in and around your business where there are currently dark spots, in an effort to dissuade potential robbers. Also, you can improve the safety of your employees by installing lights in the parking lot. This will deter break-ins and car thefts, and even potential car jackings.

3. Avoid Scams

Just like individuals, companies can be the victims of scams (especially charitable ones) during the holidays. If someone approaches you about giving money and participating in a charity program, make sure to research that company online and ask for references for other people/organizations who are participating. All too often, scammers are able to prey on the charity of others during the holiday season to fatten up their wallets.

4. Review Routes for Precious Cargo

If your business deals with high priced items or big sums of cash, review security protocols for how these assets are handled. Ensure that every stage of inventory and exchange has secondary measures in place in case your initial security plan fails. In your store, keep an eye on key inventories and make sure no one is ever inside your business alone. Removing temptation is often half the battle to ensure you aren’t a victim of theft during the holidays.

5. Perform Thorough Background Checks on Seasonal Employees

During the holiday season, many companies hire temporary employees as demand for their products increases. Unfortunately, these hires are often made quickly and without due diligence—and criminals know this. If you are a business that staffs up during the holiday months, make sure you have a strategy in place to ensure that you are hiring trustworthy people.

6. Be Vigilant

The most important part of keeping your business safe and secure is being vigilant. Keep an eye out for any suspicious people hanging around doors and the parking lot of your office. Also, ask the front desk to notify you about any suspicious callers who are asking for sensitive information like when the office closes, how many people work the night shift, etc.

By implementing these 6 strategies, we hope you have a happy and secure holiday season!