Additional Duties of Security Guards

Security guards are expected to do many things, with their main duty and responsibility being to provide actual protection and security to a private residence or business. However, security guards can also have many additional duties that go beyond their traditional role in stopping crimes and so forth. Check out some of these duties:


Act as Employee Escorts

Security guards can act as employee escorts. They can do this in many different ways. One such common scenario is in escorting an employee to his or her vehicle when the person is done for the working day, such as in a parking garage. If the employee works until late at night, this is especially important.


Another scenario would be escorting an employee on the street to a bus stop or other public transportation.


Security guards that act as employee escorts can give the workers a peace of mind and is proactive in nature.


Act as a Guide

Customers that have any questions can usually ask a security guard for help. A customer may want to know where the nearest restroom is located, and a security guard can help. If a customer has a question that the security guard doesn’t know the answer to, the security guard can direct the customer to the appropriate employee who does.


A security guard can help customers that are lost and to inform them of any important information, sort like a “help desk.”


Help to Lock and Unlock the Building

A security guard can either unlock the building in the morning or lock it at the end of the working day. If this is the job of an employee, a security guard can act as backup in the sense that he or she can double check that everything is locked and secured. This will minimize any incidents or security breaches caused through employee error.


Administer First Aid

Many security guards are also trained in first aid. Instead of waiting for the appropriate medical team to arrive, a security guard can provide first aid, such as CPR, until professional help arrives. This can be the difference between life and death in some situations.


“Check” People In

This is similar to the role of a receptionist, but not quite. A security guard can make sure that only authorized people are allowed in a building, either during the work day or during a special event. He or she can have a list of allowed individuals or be told to look for certain credentials that grant access. For a large company, this is a useful service to have and is an added layer of protection.


Various Errands

At times, a security officer may also have to perform various errands, especially during emergencies. A security guard can answer and respond to texts or phone calls or pick up an important employee from the airport. This isn’t as common, but it does occur.


Security guards provide many beneficial services to both employers and the general public. Let First Security Services help you today!