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Before being incorporated into San Jose during the 1850s, Alviso was a city of its own with an long and rich history that operated as the. The area was settled in the 1700s and prior to the development of the railroad system, was a major shipping port for San Jose and Santa Clara County.


Alviso private security services


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Contract Security Guard Services in Alviso


We offer a wide variety of services in Alviso, but here are some of our more popular services:


  • Festival and event security guards
  • Loss prevention officers
  • Shopping center and mall security
  • Hospital, bank and government building security guards
  • Uniformed and plain clothes security
  • Warehouse, construction site and work security
  • Armed security guards
  • Unarmed security guards
  • Personal security, executive protection and bodyguards
  • Special event and festival security guards
  • Mobile patrol, overnight patrol and alarm monitoring
  • Parking security and enforcement
  • Marijuana security


First Security Services also creates custom security solutions that are tailored to the specific requirements for particularly assignments.


Special Event, Loss Prevention and Housing Complex Security Guards


  • Indoor and outdoor special event security guards

Our security experts have experience working security for indoor and outdoor entertainment venues throughout Santa Clara County. We provide can provide security audits, event logistics, crowd control and   parking enforcement, as well as many other services as requested.

  • Retail security guards & loss prevention officers

Loss prevention and retail security guards are a foundational aspect of our business and on of the most important jobs we do. Protecting the places that literally everyone in a community goes to–like retail stores, shopping malls and supermarkets–is a job that should not be taken lightly. Our security guards receive the highest level of training available and work in conjunction with our 24 hour dispatch service to keep local business safe.

  • Apartment complex and HOA security

Housing complex security can either mean a dedicated guard station, like many homeowner’s associations and apartment complexes, or it can mean a mobile patrol that routinely checks in on an area. A uniformed security presence has shown to greatly reduce property crimes in the areas in which our officers work.


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Looking For Security Guard Jobs In Alviso?

At First Security Services, we are always looking for qualified security professionals to add to our talented team. Visit our Alviso security guard jobs page to apply today!


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