Marijuana Security in Anaheim

Anaheim is cracking down on marijuana, after having troubles in the past.

When recreational pot use was legalized by voters in Anaheim, California, the city council got right to work. Even if the residents of the city were happy with the changes, the council couldn’t risk allowing the production and sales of recreational weed to stretch out of their control.

In the past, the council has struggled with the number of medicinal-weed businesses on the market. Even after trying to crack down on the numbers, even now there are still more than a dozen illegal operations selling medicinal marijuana.

Recreational weed might be great for their economy, but the city council still sees the danger in it all. Similarly, a very forward-thinking security company saw the potential issues on the rise and wanted to do something about it.

Who are they?

California’s First Security Services has been providing protection to the state for a very long time, but only recently did they notice a need for enhanced services. As soon as recreational weed became legal, this team of agents responded in the best way possible.

As one of the first security companies to do so, First Security Services created a whole new division, which would be focused on California’s cannabis industry and all of the cannabis- related businesses (CRB) within it.

What is so different about this industry?

Before the laws were passed, marijuana was only sold by medicinal companies. Getting access to the highly-popular product was much more difficult, and proof of medicinal use had to be provided.

Now that cannabis is sitting on shelves for the taking, businesses are putting themselves in a much more exposed position. Multiple stories in the news across America have highlighted increased crime, theft and violence as it pertains to cannabis-related businesses.

Even before this began, First Security Services could see the potential for increased crime. They began to build a team referred to as the Special Services Division. Not only would their job include increased security in every CRB in Anaheim, but they would also be responsible for protecting cannabis products and employees during product loading, product packaging, transportation of the product, financial deposits, and more.

This 420 security would provide around-the-clock protection during any of the ins and outs of a CRB that required it.

So, who are they?

This special services division is made up of dedicated men and women who are trained and prepared to handle any situation. With most of the individuals coming from ex-military occupations, each individual has handled high-stress situations with various problem-solving skills.

These individuals are trained in tactics and combat, but they have also been trained in the use of tasers, batons, pepperballs, and more.

While brute force and strength are one of their obvious assets, our marijuana security guards have been trained to diffuse situations in a peaceful way possible. Physical force is the last option, when no other approach has been successful.

What else can they do?

When people hear ‘cannabis protection’, they often picture large security guards stalking properties and walking up and down store aisles looking for trouble.

While this is most certainly a part of the job, our team takes cannabis protection much more seriously than that. In addition to keeping your product and your employees safe, our team is also dedicated to helping protect your business’s success as well.

The special services division has been taught to understand all of the state laws pertaining to CRB in California, as well as the more individualized laws laid down by each city. That means our cannabis security plan can keep you safe, while also keeping you within the law.

Some of the components that a properly-run CRB needs to have, based on state laws include:

  • Professional name badges for employees, which must be worn at all times
  • Log books detailing employees who entered and exited specific work rooms
  • Full video surveillance systems around the property
  • Proper locks on all doors and windows

Anaheim will have its own unique laws as well, including a long list of application requirements and signatures that need to be completed prior to opening. Fortunately, our team of security members can recognize any missed rules, missing protocol practices, etc. that might stop your business from ever opening.

With this additional knowledge about the cannabis industry in California, our team can keep you and keep you legal. Even by avoiding some state and city laws, you could put your store in serious jeopardy.

Where should a business start?

If you’re thinking about opening a CRB or you’re already well on your way, we’d be happy to complete a comprehensive consultation with you. During this consultation, we would find out important aspects of your business, such as:

  • Your store layout
  • How many people you want to employ
  • Who you buy your product from
  • How you deposit money and where
  • How much product you’ll sell
  • Security systems already in place
  • ...and more

A risk management plan will be put in place, which we will determine after your consultation. This will include all of the services we think your business needs to operate properly, and to stay safe at all times.

A risk management plan will be put in place, which we will determine after your consultation. This will include all of the services we think your business needs to operate properly, and to stay safe at all times.

We understand that no two businesses are alike, even if they sell the same thing. Your plan will pertain to your store and only your store, to ensure the greatest chance for safety and success for years to come.

Word of Mouth

Our team never advertises their services, but they remain one of our busiest divisions. That’s because word-of-mouth helps us to continue to protect the city of Anaheim and all of its CRB. if you do need help with your security requirements, we’d be happy to help.