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Arden Arcade and the surrounding towns are primarily quiet, family-friendly places to live with low crime rates – compared to the immediate neighbor – Sacramento. Of course, just as easily as citizens of Arden Arcade drive to the city to work, thieves can find their way into your town.  What makes it even more despicable is that they leave town with your property.

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When you are ready to discuss adding some sort of security plan to your home or business, remember us and hire local, please. No one cares more about your safety than those who live in the area.


What Can We Offer That Is Reasonable?

There are services that we can offer that could be shared with a group of friends in the same neighborhood or businesses sharing a block, a mall or industrial park situation. By pooling the costs of some of our services, both the community and individuals ensure covered benefit.


Interactive Cameras and Response Guards –CCD interactive cameras can be monitored remotely by one of our trained employees. When something is amiss on the camera, or the visual feeds stop transmitting our response guards are able to check out the cause in person and initiate appropriate action at that time.


Stationary Security Guards – Hiring a security guard team that shares the duties of a on-site observation, your businesses present a visual notice to customers that you are concerned about their safety and that there is a professional watching for inappropriate activity. Some businesses place signs at their front entry, asking parents to inform their children if they become separated from their parents they should find the security guard.  Many parents point out or introduce the guard to the child.


Alarm Response Unit – Since all businesses are required to have fire alarms and many incorporate a burglar alarm to lower the rates on insurance, hiring an alarm response guard provides you with the protection from being assaulted or killed by an intruder. Our professional security guards are fully trained to handle this situation.


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What Do the Latest Statistics Show About the Crime Rate for Arden Arcade?

The most recent data for property crime in the Arden Arcade area [which the data labels West Sacramento], is from 2010.


As you can see from the chart below, Arden Arcade is slightly above the state average and below the national average.  However, this data includes Roseville in its calculations.




As hard as it is to believe, two of the crimes most often never reported to the police are property crimes and theft.


A great example that supports the data is found in the arrest of four people involved in an Identity Theft Ring caught by Citrus Heights Police.  In their possession were credit cards, check books and social security cards belonging to citizens in surrounding communities. When the victims were called, they told the police that they were burglarized. Yet, most of the victims never filed a report.


If You Are the Victim of a Crime, Would You Still Think the Crime Rate Was Low?

Even though the actual crime rate is comparatively low, if you are the victim of a car theft or burglary and you have to fix doors, windows and replace merchandise, it doesn’t matter if you are the only business that was robbed or not.


Someone could have been killed or injured and this could have been prevented with a patrol guard.


Would This Convince You That Crimes Are Down if This Were Your Door?


When you are ready to protect your residential or commercial property, give us a call to find out what we can do to help you get the most for your money. Or better yet, please fill in the form below with your basic information and we’ll get back to you with first-hand advice on what kind of security solution is most appropriate for you.


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