As Crime Rises, So Does Demand For Private Security Services

According to a recent report by KTVU, crime in San Francisco is at a 5 year high. The main reason for the increase appears to be the increase of cellphone thefts. These small, high-ticket items are perfect for thieves because they are easily misplaced and their absence can go unnoticed for extended periods of time. As crime increases in the Bay Area, many residents and companies are turning to an effective means of protecting their property—private security.


For years, San Francisco hospitals have been trying to replace expensive police officers with less costly and more effective private security personnel. Unfortunately, the powerful Service Employees International Union has been standing in the way of a more efficient security solution. It took the recent patient fiasco at San Francisco General Hospital for the city to rethink this strategy. Now, the Public Health Department is exploring the possibility of expanding their private security contracts in order to save money and increase the effectiveness of patrols.


In Oakland, robberies are up almost 24% over last year. Residents understand that the Oakland police are stretched thin after the recession resulted in a loss of 200 officers, so they’ve begun taking matters into their own hands by hiring private security companies to patrol their neighborhoods. This sort of crowd-funding has grown in popularity as neighborhoods democratically address the rising crime problems in their areas. This allows the police to focus on more dangerous assault-related crimes.


As Crime Rises, So Does Demand For Private Security Services


Contrary to popular belief, police departments are onboard with these efforts. Police Captain Anthony Toribio remarked that “I think any time the community gets involved in a public security strategy, that’s a good thing.” An unarmed security professional is contracted to patrol Rockridge 12 hours a day in a car that looks similar to a police car. This helps to reinforce that the community has another pair of eyes watching out for suspicious behavior.


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