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Atherton is one of California`s secret gems.  As a small town of 6,926 people, Atherton has emerged as one of the state`s most expensive cities with real estate averaging $4 million a home.  Fortunately, many people living in the town have income levels 293% above those in neighboring cities.  Since the Atherton spans a total of 4.9 square miles, residents enjoy their privacy but also embrace community.  Atherton is an active town with many organizations, events, and centers for people to gather.


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While the city of Atherton seldom reports outbreaks of violence, expensive properties are still susceptible to theft and damage.  First Security officers are here to help families and businesses protect themselves against such intrusion.  We had been serving California for over 15 years with the same quality service our team is bringing to Atherton.  The following services for hire fall under our company`s expertise:

Hire Atherton Personal, Retail and Residential Security Services

At the moment, Atherton communities are troubled by a criminal index of only 2.08%.  Even though this statistics is significantly lower than other cities in the region, families and businesses should take action in preventing this number from ever rising.  Our security company can give residential and retail zones peace of mind in the following ways:

  • Campus and School Security: Universities and colleges have large populations of students that need supervising.  Security guards can offer assistance and guidance for young adults feeling endangered while on school grounds.
  • Mall Security: Shoplifting needs to be prevented in order to minimize profit losses for local business.  Malls and complexes are under constant threat of theft.
  • Food Industry Services: Restaurants are susceptible to crime just as any other institution.  Managers must prepare to face unruly guests and non-paying diners.  A security officer on premise helps to enforce restaurant policies in a friendly and welcoming manner.
  • Cannabis security solutions

Due to the fact Atherton is known to hold frequent social events, it would be best to hire a professional security company to keep an eye on things and prevent rowdiness, damage, and loss of control.  First Security delivers professional services to organizations by making sure those involved feel comfortable and safe at all times.


Atherton Crime Rate Indexes

Atherton Crime Rate Indexes


Atherton Institutional and Corporate Security Services

Residents of Atherton are heavily involved in the financial, professional, and technical service industries.  As a result of the many organizations in the city, health care and social assistance programs have also grown popular in recent years.  First Security knows just how to keep these institutions protected and offers the following services in response to their needs:

  • Government and Corporate Services: Executive institutions need executive security measures.  Agencies in this field need to be ensured a level of confidentiality and professionalism. First Security is the first to rise to this challenge.
  • Biotech Laboratory Security:  Research facilities are under constant threat of exposure and theft.  First Security works hard to keep unwanted individuals off the premises.
  • Healthcare and Hospital Security:  In order for doctors and nurses to perform their duties, the hospital must be clear of danger.  Hospitals should encourage healing; security must be put in place to keep the patients and staff safe at all times.

Regular security maintenance for office buildings, construction sites, and warehouses is also available.  As well, special institutions outside of the city, such as banks and airports, have First Security`s support.  For any offered service, First Security officers may come either armed or unarmed.  Every First Security officer has been trained to deal with a variety of confrontations.  Each guard has received extensive instruction on the proper use of weaponry, combat and restraining strategies, as well as peaceful techniques to diminish threats verbally.


Atherton Property Crime Index

Atherton Property Crime Index


Atherton Private Security Service

If necessary, First Security offers both contractual and temporary personal security services.  We offer protection through the use of bodyguards, vehicle patrolling, and video surveillance.  Our consults work with you to figure out exactly what you need and how we can satisfy those needs most effectively.

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Ensuring the safety of yourself, your loved ones, and your co-workers has never been easier.  First Security has served North California for over 40 years with excellence and professionalism, proving to be more than adequate to handle any job.  See for yourself and speak with our team of consultants who will guide you through the flexible, hassle-free process.  To contact us you may call us at 1-800-778-3017, or at your own convenience, submit the form located on First Security’s homepage for a free service quote.  When it comes to the security of family and community, one should not settle for second-rate.  Simply put: First Security is reliable and efficient.  Don’t hesitate to contact us; you deserve to feel secure about the security service you are using.


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At First Security Services, we are always looking for qualified security professionals to add to our talented team. Visit our Atherton security guard jobs page to apply today!

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