Benefits of Hiring Security Guards to Protect Your Sacramento Business

Sacramento is a growing city, and a great place to run a business. It’s centralized location is conveniently located close to major cities like San Francisco, San Jose, and Los Angeles. 


But like most large cities, Sacramento has its own problems.


Sacramento’s crime rate is 32% higher than the average in the US, with almost 10 crimes committed per 100,000 people per day.


Keeping your business and its property safe must be your top priority. Dealing with theft, vandalism, and destruction of property is expensive for your company. 


Benefits of Hiring Security Guards to Protect Your Sacramento Business


That’s why you need to work with a company like First Security Services.


Hiring a security guard in Sacramento is a very cost-effective investment for your business. The benefits of a security guard might seem obvious, but you may not have considered all the benefits of hiring one.

What Can a Security Guard Do for Your Business?

Security guards are more than just individuals who stands near the doorway of your business. They provide reassurance to your customers, they keep your business safe, and they work to deter crime. 


Here is a breakdown of what a security guard can do for your business in Sacramento: 


  • General Security for Your Business
    The presence of a uniformed security guard automatically discourages people from committing crimes in the vicinity. By having either an unarmed or armed security guard patrol the area, you are increasing your business’s security.
  • Prevent Theft and Other Losses
    By discouraging potential criminals and apprehending thieves and other suspects, a security guard will help save your company the costs that are associated with replacing stolen property.
  • Make Customers Feel Comfortable
    A security guard present helps make customers feel safe and secure in the area. This helps keep your customers loyal to your business, boosts your reputation as a safe business, and more.
  • Reduced Crime in the Area
    An armed security guard works to deter crime. Criminals are less likely to mess with your business and nearby businesses when there is additional risk involved.
  • Improved Reputation for Your Company
    Security guards are typically seen as a feature for more established businesses. But security services are flexible and affordable, and they work to improve the reputation of your company.
  • Keep Your Employees and Customers Out of Danger
    Your employees aren’t always trained to handle dangerous situations like thefts or violent crimes. A security guard is trained to handle these situations, and can greatly improve the safety of your employees and customers.
  • Fast Response Time
    On-site security is often the first line of defense when a crime occurs while police officers are dispatched to assist. Having on-site security reduces the impact that a suspect has on your business, since they will be detained, arrested, and dealt with far quicker.


First Security Services: 50 Years in Security

First Security Services has provided security services to businesses and individuals in the Sacramento and surrounding areas for over 50 years. Both our unarmed and armed security guards are highly trained in security procedures, firearm use, and are certified instructors themselves. 


Improve every aspect of your business with a guard from First Security Services.

Contact us today to see why businesses rely on us for security services.