Bodyguards In San Francisco

San Francisco is an exciting and beautiful city that’s rich with culture and tradition. However, it’s still a city that presents a host of different safety challenges, as there are still some parts that can be a bit dangerous. First Security Services has been operating in San Francisco and the Greater Bay Area for over 40 years and counting, and has a thorough and extensive understanding of what it takes to provide expert security services in the city.


San Francisco private security guards & services


We have a vast amount of experience in providing reliable bodyguard services and protection for:


  • VIPs
  • Entertainers
  • Celebrities
  • Diplomats
  • High-level Executives
  • Athletes
  • Wealthy families
  • Tourists


Our San Francisco Bodyguard Services

By choosing First Security’s bodyguard services, you’ll be able to receive comprehensive protection that’s coordinated towards your own particular needs. We do not believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Our bodyguard services are comprehensive and can provide the following:


  • Media and crowd control
  • Physical protection
  • Escort and chauffeur services
  • Advanced scoping of areas for potential dangers
  • VIP access and control in all types of venues and locations
  • Securing of your valuables
  • Ability to liaison and coordinate with San Francisco law enforcement officials
  • Cannabis security solutions


Even if you don’t see your need listed above, don’t hesitate to contact us to see if we can provide it. We can provide you with bodyguard protection from the moment you arrive in San Francisco to the moment that you leave, 24/7.


What Makes Our Bodyguards Special

All of First Security’s San Francisco bodyguards are highly trained professionals that not only have all of the necessary qualifications but are also:


  • Physically fit
  • Armed
  • Trained in combat
  • Comfortable and calm in stressful situations and with large crowds
  • Professional and never overzealous in protection measures
  • Bodyguards who pride themselves on advanced preparations, the utmost professionalism, and logistical planning
  • Critical thinkers
  • Have an advanced knowledge of surveillance and technical analysis skills
  • Adept and well-versed in comprehensive communication abilities


All of our bodyguards are trained extensively on what to look out for and how to act in the face of danger or any uncomfortable situation. We understand the need to provide bodyguard services in San Francisco in which the person or persons being protected never feels as if they’re being smothered. We focus heavily on only employing the finest bodyguards possible.


We will work with you directly to personalize our service based on your own concerns and needs. No matter your schedule, we can accommodate it! You can enjoy San Francisco, whether it’s for business or pleasure, with the confidence that every measure possible has been taken to provide you with the bodyguard protection services that you need! Contact First Security Services today!

Looking For Security Guard Jobs In San Francisco?

At First Security Services, we are always looking for qualified security professionals to add to our talented team. Visit our San Francisco security guard jobs page to apply today!