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Boronda is an unincorporated community in California’s lovely Monterey County, located near the city of Salinas. With a population hovering around 2,000 residents, Boronda covers less than one square mile, making it one of the many small communities that dot California’s Central Coast.




At First Security Services, we understand that small communities like Boronda require private security professionals that are well-trained and also know have working knowledge of the area. With over 40 years of experience in personal, private and business security throughout California, First Security Services has solutions for virtually any security need in Boronda and neighboring areas.


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Boronda Private Security Services


First Security Services offers a wide array of security options to meet just about any


  • Armed and unarmed security officers
  • Alarm patrol and private security guards
  • Personal security and bodyguard services
  • Residential, commercial and office security
  • Warehouse, construction and corporate security officers
  • Personal protection and executive bodyguard services
  • Event security and loss prevention
  • Vehicle patrol and video surveillance
  • Cannabis protection

Boronda School, Event and Business Security


Whether you have a corporate, commercial or warehouse property that needs protection, First Security Services has highly trained, experienced professionals that are up to the task.


  • Retail security and loss prevention – In smaller communities like Boronda, criminal activity tends to be focused on small to mid-sized businesses and residential break-ins. Alarm monitoring and a uniformed presence can do a lot to dissuade potential thieves.


  • Event security – Community events are where residents, friends and families often come together to safely celebrate an occasion or have a good time. Among other things, First Security Services can provide crowd control, metal detectors, mobile and foot patrol, as well as uniformed or plain clothes officers for event coverage.


  • Campus security – School security has become an increasing concern for parents everywhere, from elementary school through college. Ensuring school safety for students and peace of mind for parents is a top priority at First Security Services and we take that responsibility seriously.


  • Construction sites – Most construction sites are susceptible to theft and damage, especially after hours. Maintaining a uniformed presence in the person of a trained security professional can do a lot to protect your equipment and work site.


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Looking For Security Guard Jobs In Boronda?

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