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Brookdale is another one of Santa Cruz County’s small treasures. Resting on Highway 9 – one of the County’s major thoroughfares – in the San Lorenzo Valley, Brookdale has a population of just fewer than 2,000 people. Similar to areas like Ben Lomond and Boulder Creek, Brookdale lies in a more centralized location of the Santa Cruz County. Although it is quant, peaceful and often uninterrupted, residents of Brookdale should still remain attentive when it comes to their personal and professional security. Whether you own a home or business in Brookdale, it is always important to consider private security services such as video surveillance and other forms of protection to remain safe for years ahead.




Why Brookdale Security Guards?

Often when we think of private security services and private security companies, we think of gated communities in expensive neighborhoods or armed security guards in high-profit businesses in high-risk locations. This may be what we are used to these days, however no matter where you live, it is important to stay vigilant and preventative. The majority of Brookdale is, in fact, made up of those approaching or current in retirement. These residents can, at some point, become vulnerable to non-residents or unwanted visitors.


The best action for those in the community is a combination of general neighborhood watch matched with preventive security equipment or services. Like nearby Boulder Creek and Ben Lomond, Brookdale sits on a highway traveled by thousands of commuters every day. You may feel a sense of security within your local surroundings, however the same reservations should not be held for out-of-towners or those willing to take advantage of your peace of mind.


The Brookdale community is home to a small community of Californians, one that relies on the safety and security of their friends, neighbors, and community members every day. Brookdale is also home to a small business area – that continues to grow. As the Santa Cruz County continues to grow so too does its need to protect the goods, services, and people that serve the area. First Security provides that protection and peace of mind when necessary.


The San Lorenzo Valley surrounds Brookdale, one of Santa Cruz’s more rural areas, and therefore is prone to hidden dangers. From secluded residential areas to lodging services along the main routes, First Security is capable of providing private security services for any home or establishment.


In rural areas such as Brookdale, it is important to consider the many services and options that First Security has, including:


  • Video surveillance
  • Sensor lighting
  • Patrolled cars


Security Services

First Security provides services to more than just private residences. If you live in Brookdale or its surrounding community, First Security can offer you services for the following:


  • Commercial, retail or corporate establishments
  • Private residences
  • Events or major gatherings
  • Temporary personal security
  • Cannabis security solutions


Small companies and business are prone to threat as much as any other retail shop or office in the surrounding area. If you are the owner of a company in Ben Lomond, no matter what the size, First Security can provide you with:

  • Armed and unarmed security guards
  • Vehicle patrol
  • Video surveillance
  • Bodyguards
  • And many more features and services depending on your needs and wants


Growing and successful businesses at some point (some more frequently than others) will require some form of protective service, and no local retail shop or office space is immune from outside threats. Of course we like to think the best of those in the Santa Cruz County area, however it is often prevention and not response that provides the most piece of mind to our clients. Therefore it is always worthwhile to turn to private security companies like First Security for added assurance.


Tips for Personal Safety

Whether you are a resident of Brookdale, its surrounding area, or another region of Santa Cruz, make sure to keep these tips in mind wherever you are:


  • Keep your doors and windows securely locked with you leave home, regardless of how much you trust your neighbors – it is the people you don’t know that you should be thinking about
  • Update your home with – at the very least – basic private security features such as video surveillance or strategic outdoor lighting
  • Report any suspicious activity
  • Get to know your neighbors. As an effort to build stronger community, this will encourage those around you to look out for one another


These are just a few ways to ensure you, your loved ones and valuables remain secure and safe in your home. At the end of the day it is always important not to underestimate the willingness of a few individuals to take your safety for granted.


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