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Burbank is a neighborhood in Santa Clara County–not to be confused with the Burbank in Los Angeles County–with a population of 5,000. The community takes its name from American botanist, Luther Burbank who developed several different types of plant varieties in the area.


We have been serving Burbank and Santa Clara County for more than 25 years, protecting the homes and businesses of the local community. We are committed to the safety of the communities in which we work and are proud to act as the first line of defense for local businesses, individuals and private homes.


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Hire Burbank’s Best Security Guards


We hire only the best and most capable security guards available and use an in-depth screening process to ensure that we hire only the best applicants. Our security professionals are trained by top level security experts in their field and undergo a continually reviewal process to make sure that standards are being met and guidelines are being followed.


In addition to equipping our security guards with the latest in security training and best practices, we also ensure that all of our guards are in frequent contact with our dispatch center to ward of potential criminal activity.


Burbank Security Options With First Security Services


Our decades of experience in Burbank and surrounding areas have provided us with the experience, staff and professionalism to handle anything from individual to large group and public event security. Here are just a few of the areas in which we specialize:


  • Shopping mall and retail center security guards
  • Armed and unarmed security professionals
  • Overnight patrol, alarm monitoring and dispatch center
  • Loss prevention
  • Plain clothes and uniformed security guards
  • Executive protection and bodyguard services
  • Commercial and residential security guards
  • Festival and event security guards (indoor & outdoor)
  • Crowd security, line management and parking enforcement
  • Industrial and commercial security guards
  • Hospital and bank security guards
  • Construction site, warehouse and facilities security guards
  • Marijuana security


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School Security, Overnight Patrol and Hospitality Guards


  • Security guards for educational facilities

Campus security is an important issue for any school, regardless of the age of the students. At First Security Services, we have a long history of maintaining the safety of the educational institutions in Burbank and throughout Santa Clara County.

  • Overnight security guards

Most businesses and work sites are at their most vulnerable outside of the standard working hours. Our overnight security guards provide alarm monitoring and a visible presence that sends a clear signal to any potential criminals.

  • Bank security guards

Any financial institution has to deal with the unfortunate possibility of attempted robberies and break-ins. Our bank security guards are among the most highly trained and decorated security professionals in the industry.


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Looking For Security Guard Jobs In Burbank?

At First Security Services, we are always looking for qualified security professionals to add to our talented team. Visit our Burbank security guard jobs page to apply today!


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