By 2020, the Cannabis Industry in California is expected to be worth a whopping $5.6 billion, which is significantly larger than the early adopting state of Colorado’s own Cannabis Industry. Even more striking, California’s Cannabis Industry is worth significantly more than the majority of countries’ Gross Domestic Products.

In short, California is again experiencing a gold rush, but this time it’s green, and there is not a finite amount of this product bound to run out at some point. As with anything new and thrilling, great reward is accompanied by great risk when it comes to cannabis in California—that’s where we come in.

We allow business owners to reap all the benefits of this wildly profitable industry without taking on any of the anxiety associated with working in this space. This is one of the few times that something which sounds too good to be true actually is true; we’re the real deal, and there’s no Cannabis Security operation we can’t take on.

The First Security Services Cannabis Security & Protection Division was created in response to the growing security needs of Cannabis Related Businesses (CRB) in California, so we specialize completely in this industry’s security needs. As the California Cannabis Industry continues to soar, so do the associated risks; we aim to provide the best possible cannabis protection services in the face of these concerns.

As a newer and evolving division of a well-established security business, we bring to the table the resources, equipment, and training of a grown up company with the passion of a startup. Our services span the entire state, with this special division set up in multiple offices around California.

As one of the first Cannabis Security Forces in the state, we have established a set of plans and guidelines for 420 Security that are unmatched by any other security service. Much of our expertise comes from the time and effort dedicated to training our marijuana security guards. Not only can they perform excellent security services for virtually any industry, they are specifically educated in the potential concerns and risk factors of a CRB.

Our commitment to the cannabis industry specifically is what sets us apart from so many other security services in California. Operating efficiently within this space takes as much brain as it does braun, and that’s why we are so deeply committed to providing thorough training.

Many of our guards have some level of past military experience, so they come to us already skilled in the tactical and weapon based aspects of offering high level security. Their backgrounds are what make them excellent overall security guards. From there, we ensure that our guards are well versed in the Cannabis industry (both in terms of associated risks and the state regulations to which they must adhere) so that they can offer a truly specialized version of protection that is appropriate for a CRB in California.

One of the most important ways we offer assistance to customers is through the creation and implementation of a cannabis security plan following our consultations. As one of the first companies in California to offer these services, we are well-versed in the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) requirements for those who procure and Cannabis license as they relate to security.

Some of the topics listed in Security portion of the BCC regulations are:

  • Properly guarding limited-access areas; this includes keeping a record of all non- employees who enter, as well as many other specifications
  • Employee badge requirements and taking the proper care to check those badges
  • Implementation of a video surveillance system that monitors a number of CRB rooms; there are a host of surveillance requirements listed by the BCC that result in a fine if not followed
  • Proper licensing of security personnel
  • Appropriate locks and alarm systems

Our in-depth knowledge about these BCC regulations not only save CRB owners from concerns over theft or other criminal damage, but it also prevents owners from incurring fines for failing to conform to state regulations. We act as an intermediary to guard businesses from loss through theft, but we also act as gatekeepers to uphold a high standard of legal conformity.

The personalized nature of our work means that our security team will not simply arrive and stand at the door of the business. We take the time to assess each business’ needs, and react to them accordingly. This includes making a custom tailored assessments of security needs based on factors like building layout (if we are providing facility security at the business itself), current security measures already in place, and the specific type of business within the umbrella of the Cannabis Industry.

Luckily, our Special Services Division has the know-how to effectively guard any sort of CRB.

One of the biggest parts of comprehensive Cannabis security is establishing a risk management plan. The Cannabis business brings about inevitably accompanying risks, so we work with business owners to find the most pressing risks to their particular businesses and to mitigate them effectively.

Our services extend beyond just security assessments and a high level of facility security, though these are certainly integral parts of what we offer. Some of the other facets of our services include:

  • Protecting especially valuable assets, as well as executives
  • Transportation and travel security for both individuals and assets
  • Instituting a Security Operation Command
  • Providing residential and private security services
  • Training employees to handle active shooters or other forms of workplace violence

Essentially, any possible need that is even tangentially related to providing security in the Cannabis Industry is within our wheelhouse. Even if a service isn’t specifically listed here, there’s a good chance we can perform it.

Our team of security guards undergoes their own rigorous training before they ever set foot on a job, so they’re qualified to perform all of these functions and more for a CRB in need. We believe that a good security team cannot operate as an island; that’s why we provide other employees with the information they need to assist with security efforts and crisis management.

Our business is based largely on word of mouth referrals rather than advertising. We rely almost entirely on past clients in the Cannabis space to generate new business for us, so it is of the utmost importance that our services are of unparalleled quality every time.

No one would gamble their business away, but that’s exactly what CRB owners are doing when they wait to seek out security. It’s a gamble in the sense that they could be targeted for crime, and in the sense that they could face repercussions from the BCC if their security measures don’t meet regulations.

To begin the Cannabis Security Consultation process and take the first step toward a more wholly protected business, contact us by phone at (408) 364-1110 or online at Don’t wait until a crisis has already occurred to invest in quality security—be proactive and start today.