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Cameron Park Body Guards

Hire bodyguards in Cameron Park when you’re in need of protection due to your publicity as a person of interest. There’s no reason that you should ever feel unsafe or worried to be in your own community. Your loved ones also deserve a sense of security. Luckily, finding affordable and discreet protection services is possible for anyone living in California.

When you come to First Security Services for personal bodyguard services you can expect only the best. Our bodyguards for hire have previous experience serving the Navy, Marines, Army and other government protection agencies. Our bodyguard protection specialists aren’t just trained through their previous professions, but they also go through our operational program which keeps them aware of current dangers and popular crimes.


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Services Provided with Bodyguard Protection

  • Crowd Control
  • Personal Protection
  • Personal Assistance


The criminal activity in Cameron Park is lower than its sister towns. Nonetheless, as someone with notoriety, it’s wise to remain safeguarded from the higher crime risks that come along with a person of high interest. Contact us today at 800-778-3017 to learn more about our bodyguard security services and we will also offer a FREE, no obligation quote!


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