Cameron Park Temporary Security Guards For Hire

Cameron Park temporary security guards

Cameron Park Temporary Security Guards

There are times where it’s necessary to hire temporary security services. Whether you’re hosting for a group of prestigiousindividuals for an event, or you simply want professionals to help control the crowd and traffic, First Security Services has the resources, knowledge and expertise to bring you the protection you require. Our business has kept you, your associates and loved ones protected for over 50 years and we don’t plan on stopping. We are recognized as one of the top protection agencies throughout California due to our various levels of security services.


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What We Can Provide to Those Interested in Protection

  • Corporate Security
  • Private Bodyguard Details
  • Armed Bodyguard Services
  • Executive Protection
  • VIP Protection
  • Personal Protection
  • Celebrity Protection and More


You should never have to fear criminal activity as you’re planning for an event. However, when an event draws in a large crowd, you can almost always expect there to be some issues. That’s why our security guards also manage crowd and traffic control for you. Not to mention, they will spot any vulnerabilities and secure those areas even further. Give us a call to undergo our threat assessment and receive a FREE quote. Our professionals will be happy to assist you when you call 800-778-3017.We service the Cameron Park and surrounding areas.


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