Security Consulting

You cannot start a cannabis-based business without also taking into account an in-depth security plan. The two go hand-in-hand and are required on a federal, state, and city-wide basis. Creating a security plan is a daunting task and requires skilled and experienced security experts to develop and manage. If you’re gearing up to open up a shop, dispensary, grow operation, or transport business model, the professionals at First Security Services, are ready to support you.

Why You Need a Cannabis Security Consulting Partner

How hard could it be, right? Get the cameras, install the system, make sure it’s state compliant, and hire a guy to take care of security. It can be tempting to think security is that simple because you’ve marked it off a checklist, but the reality is, a consulting firm helps you go beyond the checklist.

You likely already know how profitable the marijuana business is and the potential for security breaches, theft, and legal complications. A security consulting firm aims to negate these issues by covering a company from all angles. Their job is not just to protect the business from what happens today, but also protect it from what could potentially happen tomorrow.

The harsh truth is, thieves and wrong-doers are creative in how they do their work. If there are any holes in a Cannabis business security plan, they will find it. The other aspect of this is maintaining your legal requirements by your state and city. As the industry grows and changes, the regulations change and evolve, making security a full-time aspect of owning a Cannabis- based company.

Tasks That Cannabis Security Consulting Will Assist With

We are proud that First Security Services has been considered a pioneer in this industry which only compliments our long-standing history in the security arena. Below is a look at the types of services we will plan for in your unique security plan.

  • Facility Security - We will discover what forms of security your facility will need and the ratios involved. This will include an electronic system assessment and overall security compliance evaluations for your specific business and location.
  • On-Site Security Personnel - Active on-duty Security Guards, are a critical component to your plan and provide a level of protection for you and your customers. The type of guards needed will depend on what kind of business you’re operating, whether that is a retail space, medical facility, or grow op. Our Security Guards come from former law enforcement, military, and personal security detail spaces. They are the best in the business and are trained specifically for this type of work.
  • Asset Transportation Assessments - Every Cannabis business has transportation of product factors. We will evaluate that procedure to ensure your product and assets are secure from any disruptions or theft incidents. If issues are detected, we will be able to provide you with solutions.
  • Risk, Threat, and Vulnerability Factors - Our job is to find any weaknesses in a security plan before thieves or wrong-doers do. This includes what risks might be present due to location or regular customers. We will determine what threats might make your business susceptible to dangerous situations for you and your staff. We will also seek out where your business is most vulnerable such as a lack of alarms, cameras, or weak grow space surveillance.
  • Security Training for Staff - You know what they say, be prepared for the worst, so no one has to use those skills. We can train your staff for dangerous situations like robbery or active shooters. We can also help them learn about things like body language queues or how to alert security quietly about a problem.
  • Staff Evaluation - Another consulting feature we take on is evaluating hiring practices and background checks of employees. Your business can be at risk if you hire the wrong people, and we can assess your policies and procedures. For example, if you wanted to hire a Spanish speaking immigrant who is legally able to work but is currently going through the asylum process, it is illegal for them to work for a business relating to marijuana. You would not only jeopardize your business, but you’d also put their immigration status at risk if you hired them.
  • Security Logs - By law, your business is required to keep logs on all kinds of things from when people come and go, to when product arrives at your business. This can be a source of pain for many business owners because it requires a significant amount of management. First Security Services will be able to assess and assign these tasks according to the state and city regulations.

General Operational Policies

  • There are a lot of moving parts to a business, and in the Cannabis world, it all has to be well monitored more so than other kinds of industries. We can help you create security policies for things like new employee procedures, monitoring of fired employees, management of stored product and its security, processes for contacting law enforcement, product handling, employee product use issues, etc.
  • These are just some of the pieces to your security plan that we will pursue as your consulting partner. As you can see, there are several ways that things can go wrong and our job is to make sure that doesn’t happen. Part of what makes First Security Services so unique is our people. From consultants to security detail, we are genuinely confident in the work we do.

Security Personnel in your Consulting Plan

All security teams should have skilled and experienced members whose background isn’t limited to nightclub bouncing. The Cannabis industry is worth billions, and the money and product coming in and out of your doors are likely worth millions a year. Here is who we hire, their training, and what we expect from them.

  • Retail Guards - These are often the front line personnel who would handle much of the security issues face to face. We hire former law enforcement professionals, ex-military or reserve military members to staff our clients.
  • Armed and Unarmed Detail - Depending on regulations and personal preference, our Officers are trained in firearm protection or how to handle criminal behavior without firearms.
  • Electronic Security Knowledge - Your security system is likely going to be complex, and you’ll be required to manage and maintain it per state laws. Our Officers have extensive knowledge on how to operate and maximize a system, so you are not just covered professionally but are always adhering to regulations.
  • T.C.C.C. - Tactical, Combat Casualty Care Certified by NORCAL MEDTAC
  • Taser Operation - Certified for use and instruction by TASER/AXON
  • Pepperball - Certified for use and instruction
  • Baton - B.S.I.S. Certified Instructor and use
  • M.O.A.B. Management of Aggressive Behavior - Trained and certified

These are just some of the elements that make for a successful consulting partnership with our clients Each Cannabis business is unique, and we customize all of our security plans for our clients based on their unique challenges. If you’re ready to start a bigger discussion about your security, we welcome you to call or connect with us online today so we can get started.