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In the city of Carmichael, the last thing you would expect to need is a private security service or guard to protect your property from burglary or theft.  Yet, all the law enforcement statistics tell a different story.


Besides that, many police departments no longer have sufficient staff to assign an investigative team to non-violent criminal activities. In California, private security guards are a professional arm of law enforcement with the power to detain and arrest suspects in connection to crimes.


How Do You Know Your Security Service and Guards Are Professionals?

Unlike most other states, California has strict regulations with regards to training and hiring security guards by security service companies and private businesses.

  • The application process and training is extensive and thorough.
  • Private Security Guards must meet a host of requirements to be accepted for training as set out in California law.
  • All guards undergo background checks twice before they receive their Guard Card.
  • Each Guard Card specifically states what the guard is authorized to use … baton, firearm or unarmed
  • Guards are not allowed to be hired as contract labor anymore.  They must be actual employees who meet the standards of California
  • Security Services are also under strict supervision and their status with law enforcement may be checked out online.

We are proud to serve Carmichael residents with experienced guards, superior monitoring capability and a huge variety of services at the most reasonable costs.


You can contact us to find out how many options are available for you to choose from.




How Does Crime Affect Carmichael?

Most people don’t think about the cost of a property crime in terms of how it impacts the community as a whole.  But, consider this:

  • For every car theft, the victim has to pay for unexpected repairs or buy another vehicle because it is totaled or never recovered.
  • For every business that is burglarized, the owner must pay for damages to the structure, replace the stolen property, pay to have the property cleaned up and potentially pay higher rates in insurance premiums.
  • For residential thefts, the home-owner must foot the bill for new windows, doors, locks and broken fixtures. If the resident is a renter, he/she must replace the property stolen and other property damaged.

On the surface, it would seem that the impact would be somewhat positive for the local economy. However, the benefits are short-term. The money spent by the victim to return his/her life back to a somewhat normal standard means that money previously earmarked for new purchases of products and services is no longer available.


In economic terms, the community loses twice as much as was spent in short-term, emergency purchases.  Everyone loses.


The most recent data available for incidents of crime indicate that the risk of Burglaries is higher in Carmichael than in the state or nation and motor vehicle theft ties.


There is a high risk of violent crimes, as well, such as rape and this is the type of crime that a security plan can prevent or thwart in progress.


How Much Does a Good Security Service Plan Cost?

If you have been procrastinating about implementing a security arrangement strategy, you probably think that the cost is much more than it really is. There are a variety of plans available and many can be combined to design the best security scheme for your particular situation.


Residential plans are best covered by alarm systems with an alarm response guard. Having a guard that will respond to determine if the alarm activation is legitimate has saved many people from assaults and rapes.


Our guards respond in minutes to your alarms.


Commercial and Industrial strategies should include vehicle and stationary patrol guards that can observe any changes before an alarm may be activated and thwart crimes in progress.


Retail schemes need to include visible stationary or foot patrol guards as well as scanners and hidden cameras with interactive capabilities.  While a perpetrator may not be identifiable on the camera, having a guard who is able to respond eliminates the need for a photo image.


We can give you a prompt and flexible plan that will meet the needs of your situation and save you money because you are hiring local. All you need to do is fill in the form below with your basic information and we’ll get back to you with first-hand advice on what kind of security solution is most appropriate for you.


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