Chowchilla Private Security Guards & Services

Whether you feel you’re under the watchful eye of a criminal or are just worried about your high profile attracting the attention of lawbreakers, First Security has high-level security services and other guard services for those in Chowchilla and its surrounding areas. We provide our clients with professional, uniformed security guards that have all the licensing and qualifications necessary. Through our security consulting we will help you determine the level of security needed for your circumstances.



All of our guards have current or past professions as police officers, military personnel, or as an agent in another form of government security. Whether they’re on duty or off duty, they always possess the ability to recognize suspicious activity, preventing vandalism, threats and other criminal activity. We provide close protection to all the clients we’re hired to escort or the premises’ we’re guarding. Our contractors must surpass our training requirements by showing the ability to apprehend by use of force, conduct fingerprint analysis, passing firearm training, and having the ability to serve as protection regardless of their assignment.


Before an individual is able to work for First Security, they must pass a criminal history review, background check, obtain a guard card, and show that they’re able to enforce all laws. We make sure our investigative team clears any applicant before they’re able to serve our firm as a security guard. With the high levels of training and the amount of experience we require, we are certain our officers and guards can provide the safeguarding you desire.


Some of Our Security Services

  • Industrial Security
  • Mall Security
  • Private Security Services
  • Hospital Security
  • Retail Security
  • Armed Security Guards
  • Unarmed Security Guards
  • Alarm Response
  • Access Control Services
  • Bodyguards
  • Crowd Patrol
  • Vehicle Patrol
  • Loss Prevention
  • Special Events Security
  • Cannabis consultations

We have no doubt in our minds that our security services will help you to deter criminals and prohibit criminal activity. Whether you decide to hire guards with firearms or a bodyguard for close protection, First Security Services will set you up with the right level of protection at a cost we’re sure you can afford.