Marijuana Security in Chula Vista

Chula Vista is welcoming the cannabis industry with open arms.

California’s cannabis industry is growing, and many of its cities are welcoming the improvements and changes that that brings. One city in particular is that of Chula Vista, which has been supporting the idea of the cannabis-related business (CRB) for some time.

While the progressive mindset is proving to be beneficial for the city, there are some security factors that have become obvious along the way. If the city wants to find success with these new business ventures, they’ll need to incorporate the proper security protocols.

Fortunately for the state of California, First Security Services recognized early into the changing laws that security would be at the forefront of its success. The company was one of the first to establish a cannabis protection plan that would employ a dedicated division of marijuana security guards.

While some cannabis security companies are just establishing themselves now, First Security Services has already built up and perfected the proper teams and tactics for the job.

Having the Right Outlook

First Security Services isn’t just interested in a cannabis security plan that provides physical, intimidating protection. While that’s certainly a part of it, 420 security is about much more than just being able to scare away potential threats.

This dedicated team also puts precedence on a thorough risk management plan, which encompasses every aspect of a cannabis-related business. That means recognizing all local and state regulations as they pertain to a cannabis business, and acknowledging all of the ways that a business can be exposed to potential threats.

Training the Best Team

Even though Chula Vista is embracing the new cannabis laws with open arms, that doesn’t mean that everything is going to go smoothly for cannabis-related business owners.

With the new laws in place, it’s important that we have marijuana security guards who can handle the new wave of consumers and owners who are going to be active in the industry. With that in mind, First Security Services only employs the most highly-trained individuals for this particular unit.

Those on the cannabis security team most often have military experience, and they have some of the highest skill sets when it comes to tactical and defense skills. Along with their learned skills, they’ll also be trained to deal with high-stress situations that could come along with this kind of work.

With our specialized unit, the goal is to provide safety for both consumers and owners dealing with cannabis products. Our team has the ability to de-escalate any situation, only using physical force if it is absolutely necessary after all other tactics have proven hopeless.

A Greater Knowledge is Key

Aside from understanding how to keep the people of Chula Vista safe, this First Security Services unit also possesses the technical knowledge required of all cannabis-related businesses.

Having a strong grasp on how the system actually works, allows for this team to help local business owners meet security standards and regulations. Failure to follow all of the proper protocol can cause huge problems for a business, so we strive to help our local owners to flourish under the proper guidelines and practices.

Bureau of Cannabis Control Regulations

The Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) has provided a list of security measures that must be followed by every CRB. The following are some of the key requirements for all businesses in the state of California:

  • Working video surveillance systems
  • Badges for all working employees
  • Restricted access area logs

Failing to comply with these, or any other requirements laid down by the BCC can result in the suspension or closure of a business in Chula Vista.

While most of the business owners in the city happily comply to all of these requirements, our marijuana security guards are well-informed in the matter; they are happy to help any business owners who need assistance with these rules.

Chula Vista City Requirements

The state has laid out these requirements for all CRB, but the city of Chula Vista has its own regulations that need to be considered as well.

On the city website, a thorough explanation of all application requirements are outlined, including information on local cannabis taxes, application fees, and more. While the details are plenty, every CRB is encouraged to follow each step with diligence to ensure a successful venture.

Taking Care of Your Business

Our security services recognizes that no two businesses are alike, and that goes for CRB as well. With that being said, our team offers consultations for every business that plans to open in Chula Vista.

A consultation will take our security team through all of the ins and outs of your business, including your location, your targeted consumer, your staff, your products, and more.

Having a strong grasp on how your business will be run will help us to recognize any potential risks, threats, or vulnerabilities. After that, we’ll be able to provide you with an individualized plan for the proper security plan that’s right for your needs.

Even though it might seem like a lot of effort before your business is even open, our security services can assure you that it will all be worth it in the end. Some extra legwork in the beginning will be far more enjoyable than dealing with protocol issues or safety concerns down the road.

Other Services We Offer

Our security teams offer a range of other services for CBR, including:

  • Active Shooter and Workplace Violence Training
  • Executive and High Net Worth Protection
  • Site/Facility, Grow Ops, Retail, and Residential Security
  • ...and more

With all of this, our fully-trained, special security teams can be certain that your CRB has a comprehensive protection plan that will keep you in business for years to come.

Business owners in Chula Vista will be able to rest easy, knowing that not only are they safe from physical threats and danger, but that their business is following all of the proper protocols of a well-run and respectfully-owned business.