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If there is one thing that makes Clay different from all other towns and cities in California, it’s the cross-cultural dynamics. Incidents of crime are usually perpetrated by outsiders who drop by to steal what the residents work so hard to acquire.

It would be easy to say that it wasn’t fair and all could grab a seat on the ‘pity-potty’ train to nowhere. Sadly, that doesn’t solve the problem if one of our neighbors’ houses is broken into or a local shop is burglarized.


The most important thing that our private security guards and services can do for the citizens of Clay is to offer property protection at the most affordable rate.


Why Should Clay Citizens Worry About Security?

There is no location in the world today that is crime-free. Clay is not exempt from that fact and when a neighbor suffers the effects of being burglarized or a victim of theft, friends and neighbors become potential future targets.


According to a bulletin from the National Center for Victims of Crime, perpetrators of burglaries repeat the offense within 6-weeks of a prior incident.


Furthermore, “2/3rds of thieves return to a property that they had previously burgled and took more goods …” Business crimes repeat more frequently than residential crimes. Essentially, this means that if you have had a break-in, it is time to get a better security plan on the table.


We provide vehicle patrol guards, foot-patrol guards or stationary guards, alarm response guards and interactive monitoring of CCDs with guard response teams for verification and investigation at the lowest cost anywhere.

Should You Hire Local Private Security and Guard Services?

Nearly all criminal activity in Clay is due to outside perpetrators drawn to the area’s vineyards and closed nuclear plant surrounded by grape vines. Thankfully, not many of these tourists have a desire to break into our shops, burglarize our wine makers or creep around our homes.




Still, it only takes one instance where an acquaintance we nod to at the local café becomes a victim for our false sense of security to be shattered.


Data gathered by actual FBI incidents and estimate of the amount of criminal activity anticipated for the year shows that property crimes are most likely to rise in 2014.


Of those, how many will end in violent crime?  That data is currently not part of any equations.



Aren’t All Private Security Guards and Services Alike?

If someone suggested that all the vineyards and wine makers in Clay were alike, you would – and should be – slightly miffed. Each security service company hires guards that fit into the company’s image of itself.


Some companies are stiff and aloof while others are down to earth and neighborly.


Finding the company that best suits your personality and has what it takes to protect your property at an affordable cost makes all the difference.


  • Every security guard in California is required specific training for each level of service that they are allowed to provide for clients.
  • Getting a deal that fails to properly protect you is no deal at all
  • Saving a penny now may well cost you a buck-plus later if you are unprotected

Our guards are experienced and down-to-earth.  They like their jobs and like our clients. They are not trying to get rich. They are committed to saving others from becoming victims – and catching the bad guys.  We see our company as the home of super heroes and our employees are the heroes we hire.


Give us a call and discover just how little it will cost you to have a super hero looking out for you. Or better yet, please fill in the form below with your basic information and we’ll get back to you with first-hand advice on what kind of security solution is most appropriate for you.

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