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All over the state there are individuals in the public eye, even in Clements. Celebrities, executives, federal agents, and other individuals in the limelight turn to First Security Services for industry leading discreet personal protection. We are one of the top executive protection companies in the industry. We have provided Clements and the rest of California with outstanding personal protection for over five decades.


When you are in the spotlight regardless of your stature or position in the community, it leaves you more vulnerable to criminal acts. Your executive security agent was trained to handle any situation that may put you and your loved ones in danger. Their training comes from all four branches of the military including special ops, as well as federal and law enforcement agencies. We have the executive security services to give you the close personal protection you require to feel safe going about your days.


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Highly Trained Executive Protection Agents Provide Security

  • Executive Protection
  • VIP Protection
  • Celebrity Protection
  • Corporate Security
  • Estate Protection and Command Centers
  • Unarmed and Armed Bodyguard Services


Call First Security Services at 800-778-3017 today to learn about the many services we provide. We are here to serve you unparalleled confidential protection.


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