Common Security Guard Misconceptions

There are many different misconceptions that exist about security guards that simply are not true. Many of these misconceptions are due to the images presented in films, television, and the mass media, while others are simply the result of the false spreading of information.


Common Security Guard Misconceptions


In order to gain a more accurate picture of security guards, here are some of the most common security guard misconceptions:


Security Guards Don’t Have Formal Training


Many security guards are often referred to by the negative term of being a “rent-a-cop.” It’s a derogatory term that has been used to describe security guards as being lesser versions of police officers that do not have any formal training. It’s as if there’s a belief that anyone can be hired to be a security guard. The truth is the complete opposite.


Security guards have to be licensed and to go through a certification and training program in order to legally operate. This includes going through extensive training on how to properly use both lethal and non-lethal force, what to do in an emergency situation, and so forth.


Security Guards Cost Too Much


Another common misconception about security guards is that they are an extremely costly business expense. However, considering that hiring security guards from a credible security firm means that there’s no in-house training that needs to be done, it’s actually not as expensive as one would think. This also doesn’t take into account the fact that the alternative to not hiring security guards could mean break-ins and robberies, which would be a far more expensive ordeal.


Security guards can be hired at an affordable price in which the cost will justify the service that’s being offered.


Security Guards Don’t Have Any Authority


Contrary to popular belief, security guards do have authority, namely on private property. As long as they follow the proper protocols and stay within their legal rights, private security guards will be able to subdue individuals who are intending to cause harm to others, who are trying to steal, and/or aren’t authorized to be on the property. Certified security guards can use lethal force if it’s absolutely necessary, and they are also able to make a citizen’s arrest as they wait for the authorities to arrive.


Security guards from a credible company such as First Security Services are trained to know how to contact law enforcement when necessary, including being able to provide enough information to ensure that the violators are able to be legally pursued and that the business is not held liable.


Security Guards Are Lazy


There are some that feel that security guards are lazy, no doubt the result of images in movies of security guards sitting on a chair ignoring the security monitors as they eat. But this is also simply not true. Security guards, when hired from a credible security company (notice the pattern here?) are highly-driven individuals that take pride in their work and view it as a career with upward mobility.


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