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Courtland has been one of the best kept secrets in all of California. The community reigned for many years as the ultimate in picturesque country-style towns, close to a major metropolitan area offering the best of both worlds. Sadly, in the last ten years – your secret has gotten out.


That means that you are no longer living in a protected bubble, safe from the dangers of crimes.  What you need now is a professional crime-fighter who stands tall and fights for your right to be secure in your home and at work.


Enter private security services and guards – and ours are the best crime fighters in the private security industry.  Give us a call at 1-800-778-3017 and find out just how affordable our dedicated servants of justice really are.


Courtland Private Security Guards & Services


Why Would Courtland Need Private Security?

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department is stretched thin ever since the budget cuts took effect. In an interview with the Sacramento Bee last summer, Sheriff Sgt. Joachim, the head of property crimes division said, “Your average citizen (cares) anecdotally about people being killed, but what they really care about is who’s breaking into their cars and who’s breaking into their homes. And it’s probably the area where we give the least attention.”


Unfortunately, he’s right. We all see reports of violent crimes reported in the news and silently cheer when the perpetrator is caught.


Yet, when a member of our family or a coworker is the victim of a home break-in or car theft, we feel the uneasy right in the middle of our gut.


We suddenly realize how vulnerable we are, too.


Hiring a professional private security service is not a sign of paranoia or a doubt about the abilities of local law enforcement.


What Kind of Services Do Private Security Companies Provide?

Well, we can’t speak for other companies – that wouldn’t be fair – and, we certainly don’t mean to insinuate that other companies don’t offer as many services as we do. They might. We don’t know. But, this is a list of some of our most called for services:


Response Guards – If you have an alarm system, then you know how the program actually operates.When the alarm activates, the company’s monitoring representative calls you and informs you.You have to go to the property and verify that a crime is in progress. You must either stop whatever you are doing and drive to the location or get a friend or neighbor to stop what they are doing and go see what is going on. You may not be sure if someone is inside until you enter the premises or go around to the back – where you cannot be seen by your neighbors either – to look for a trespasser.


Criminals get violent when cornered, which makes a professional response guard invaluable. They save you time and prevent you from becoming victim to a property crime gone bad.


Vehicle Patrol Guards – If your home or business property is more than a100-feet from your neighbor or somewhat isolated, a vehicle patrol guard is ideal to make rounds, checking on your property. Some customers prefer to use this service when they are out of town on vacation or during the holidays.  These guys are often the first to spot a car theft in progress, as well.


Foot Patrol Guards – This service is most popular for warehouses, parking areas, malls and office buildings. Because they are on foot, they can check doors and make closer inspections of areas that are blind to vehicles.


Our professional crime-stopping team members are fully trained and prepared to take any appropriate action that a situation calls for – whether that is giving you directions to the rest room, stopping bullies in school or arresting thieves that endanger your property and family.


Don’t waste another minute. Please get in touch with us by filling in the form below and we’ll get back to you with the best security arrangement plan that fits your situation.


Other services: Cannabis consultations.


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