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In hiring a security company, you not only want a company that can provide well-trained guards and a variety of security services, but you also want a company that has a thorough understanding of the culture and needs of the city, as that has proven to lead to better protection.

First Security Services provides security in Davis that is immensely valuable and affordable, especially when you consider what you receive in return.


If you’re in need of Davis security guards, First Security offers the following services:


Vehicle Patrol Services

We operate one of the largest private patrol operations in Davis. First Security’s expert management team will work with you to assess your patrol needs and provide their professional opinions, making sure to meet your budget while not sacrificing on the quality of security.


Davis Security Officers

First Security provides the finest Davis security guards in the area. All of our guards are extensively trained and are continually working to upgrade and refine their skills. No one at First Security gets complacent!

General Overview of Davis, California

As the largest city in terms of population in Yolo County, California, Davis has a population of 65,622 with a population of density of 6,600 per square mile. Its location is quite close to a few major cities, as it is located 70 miles northeast of San Francisco and is located 11 miles to the west of Sacramento.


What really distinguishes Davis though is that it is considered to be a university town, with the University of California, Davis having a large presence there. In fact, the University of California, Davis has a student population of around 5,700 that’s not included in the official population of the city. Being a small university town, Davis is also notable for having the highest  per capita of bikes in not only the State of California but in the entire United States. This unique characteristic is due to a combination of the land being quite flat, the numerous and extensive bike paths in the city, and the locals and students fully embracing this method of transportation. In other words, it’s a city that has all the right ingredients in size, infrastructure, and culture to earn this distinction.


Davis is also a city that is quite pedestrian-friendly. The UC Davis campus, notable for its lush greens and beauty, runs alongside the downtown area of the city, meaning that it is quite easy for residents and students to walk around both. The high amount of bikes and pedestrians means that this is not a city that is very car-friendly.


As a university town, First Security understands the particulars of having a high student population in such a relatively small area. With a population that has been growing consistently, the need for proper security is only growing with it.


Davis also has the distinction of being named by CNN Money as the second most educated city in the United States.


The median household income is $52,832, which is lower than the State of California’s average of $58,328. It should be noted though that their median household income has grown considerably, as in 2000, it was only $42,454. One of the reasons for this city having a lower median household income than the average in California is perhaps due its youth, as its median age is 33.9 years. Since many of the residents are university students or young graduates, this is understandable.


Despite being the second most educated city in the United States, Davis has a crime rate index of 15, which means that it is safer than only 15% of the cities in the country. To put things into another perspective, it has a crime rate that is higher than 85% of the rest of California.


There is a 1 in 513 chance of becoming a victim of violent crime and a 1 in 27 chance of being a victim of property crime.


To give yourself better piece of mind and to help protect yourself against any crimes, both of the violent and non-violent variety, you should consider hiring First Security as your first and only choice for any and all of your security needs, whether it’s for your own home or for your business.


Davis Residential, Retail, and Personal Security Services

First Security can help protect those in Davis by providing the following specific security services:


  • University Safety: The main presence in Davis is UC Davis. Employing 28,411 individuals, it is the main employer of the whole city. Its numerous buildings, offices, and properties all require security, including late at night when many students might be walking back to their dorms or places of residence. Given how much people walk in this city, having security patrols at places that are at risk is quite important.
  •  420 security – cannabis security plans
  • Food & Beverage Security: As a university town, not surprisingly, Davis has a thriving downtown that’s full of bars and restaurants, such as the popular Dos Coyotes Border Cafe. There are numerous places to eat and drink throughout the day and night, and since they are quite popular with a crowd that likes to drink heavily, security can help to quell any potential problems and make sure that there are no incidents due to intoxication and so forth.
  • Landmarks / Points of Interest Security: Davis has plenty to see and do. One of the main points of attraction is its Farmer’s Market, which is open twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays. It attracts a large crowd, and security patrols would help to provide an added layer of security. Another attraction is the John Natsoulas Center for the Arts, which is a four story art gallery. Various cultural events are present throughout the year as well that will require security protection, including Picnic Day and the Whole Earth Festival.


By hiring First Security, businesses, organizations, and residents will be able to ensure that they’re provided professional protection in regards to:


  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Intrusions
  • Employee Safety
  • Customer Safety
  • Violent Crimes


Workers can better perform knowing that they’re being safeguarded at all times.


What makes First Security stand out is that every single First Security officer has been trained extensively on weaponry, restraining strategies, and combat PLUS the ability to peacefully resolve situations. First Security works with each and every company to find out their particular security needs and what they expect the service to entail, even as it pertains to the behavior of the First Security officers.


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