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Introducing First Security Services, providing Dresser with security guards for over 4 decades and counting!


In hiring a security company, you not only want a company that can provide well-trained guards and a variety of security services, but you also want a company that has a thorough understanding of the culture and needs of the city, as that has proven to lead to better protection.


First Security Services provides security in Dresser that is immensely valuable and affordable, especially when you consider what you receive in return.


If you’re in need of Dresser security guards, First Security offers the following services:


Vehicle Patrol Services:


We operate one of the largest private patrol operations in Dresser. First Security’s expert management team will work with you to assess your patrol needs and provide their professional opinions, making sure to meet your budget while not sacrificing on the quality of security.


Dresser Security Officers:


First Security provides Dresser security guards that are the finest in the area. All of our guards are extensively trained and are continually working to upgrade and refine their skills. No one at First Security gets complacent!


Alarm Response:


By hiring First Security, you have the added bonus of having seamless access to our sister company, First Alarm, which is one of the most trusted and recognized alarm companies in Alameda County. Since we’re so closely integrated with First Alarm, our security guards are also experts on alarms and alarm responses, meaning that they will be able to recognize any red flags and to point out any deficiencies in your current system, whether it’s for a private residence, a business, or a public institution.



General Overview of Dresser, California


Dresser is located in Alameda County, California and is considered to be an unincorporated community.


It actually shares the same zip code of 94536 with the City of Fremont, meaning that it’s technically within its limits. Downtown Fremont is, in fact, just 3 miles away to the south and southwest of Dresser.


In the past, Dresser has been known by a few different names. Up until 1915 it was known as Merienda before its residents chose to change its name to Alston. In 1957, it once again changed its name to Dresser Siding before eventually changing to just Dresser.


Like with many of the small towns in the area, Dresser is located on the Southern Pacific Railroad, in which it was first designated to be a station on it in 1923. The reason why Dresser became a station on the Southern Pacific Railroad was due to the needs of the California Pressed Brick Company, which was located in Niles Canyon.


Currently, Dresser is not a very accessible place. It actually cannot be accessed from Niles Canyon Road. If one were to drive up to Dresser from there, he or she will encounter both a closed gate and various signs posted with a warning to “Keep Out.”


Right now there’s actually not much in Dresser, as the unincorporated community did technically close in 1990. It does not have any known permanent residents, and its infrastructure is also non-existent, at least in regards to being functional.


There are various buildings located in Dresser that have been abandoned and are quite dilapidated, as well as three smokestacks still present. The three standing smokestacks once belonged to the California Pressed Brick Company.


Since the 1990s, there have been alleged parties by revelers held in these abandoned buildings, something which has also supposedly been done at the nearby Niles Canyon Aqueduct.


It’s not recommended that anyone visit Dresser alone, especially late at night. Since there are abandoned buildings there, there’s the possibility that certain vagrants, squatters, and general troublemakers could be illegally living there.


Fremont itself is actually fairly safe, though the same can’t be said about Dresser. Fremont has a crime rate index of 40, meaning that it’s safer than 40% of the cities in the United States. There is a 1 in 735 chance of being a victim of a violent crime in Fremont and a 1 in 51 chance of being a victim of a property crime.


The State of California has a 1 in 249 chance of being a victim of a violent crime and a 1 in 38 chance of being a victim of a property crime. As you can see, Fremont has much better crime rates. But Dresser itself is still a very dangerous area that is uncharacteristic of Fremont.


First Security understands the security needs of Dresser and Alameda County in general and will be able to provide the very best in security services.


Dresser Residential, Retail, and Personal Security Services


First Security can help protect those in Dresser by providing the following specific security services:

  • Residential Security: Dresser does not have any developed infrastructure nor any official residents living in it today. There have been sightings of squatters and other vagrants within it, as well as the aforementioned partying that still occurs there from time to time. It’s not recommended that any residents from Fremont visit Dresser, especially without armed security present. First Security Services, of course, would be able to provide security escort services if needed.
  • Investment Inquiries: Though it is all but abandoned, and its buildings are falling apart, Dresser could have offer viable investment opportunities for businesses and individual investors. First Security Services would be able to provide armed security escorts to all prospective buyers or those wishing to simply view the area in order to assess its worthwhileness. In addition, First Security Services would be able to enter the area ahead of time in order to secure it.
  • Cannabis risk management


By hiring First Security, companies, organizations, and institutions, both of the private and public variety, will be able to ensure that they’re provided professional protection in regards to:


  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Intrusions
  • Employee Safety
  • Customer Safety
  • Violent Crimes


Residents in Dresser should consider hiring First Security patrol services to make sure that their community and their homes always remain safe. In addition, a great service, especially given how small Dresser  is, would be to install alarm systems through First Security’s sister company, First Alarm Services. By installing the alarm systems, you will have 24/7 monitoring and will have the authorities at your doorstep as fast as possible should any break-ins occur!


What makes First Security stand out is that every single First Security officer has been trained extensively on weaponry, restraining strategies, and combat PLUS the ability to peacefully resolve situations. First Security works with each and every company to find out their particular security needs and what they expect the service to entail, even as it pertains to the behavior of the First Security officers.


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