Eagle Tree Executive Protection Specialist

Eagle Tree Executive Protection Specialist

Eagle Tree Executive Protection

As an executive in Eagle Tree, being in the spotlight brings risky attention that isn’t welcomed. To avoid any danger as you plan for your event, hire executive protection services from First Security Services. This close personal protection gives you more peace of mind knowing that you are safeguarded in even the riskiest of situations.


First Security Services is one of the top executive protection companies in California. We provide personal and corporate security services that are bonded and insured. The criminal activity in Eagle Tree consists mostly of violent and property crime as well as robbery. Luckily, our executive security agents are trained and experienced in providing the highest protection services due to their backgrounds in the military or other federal protection agency.


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This Is What First Security Has to Offer for Executives:

  • Corporate Executive Protection
  • Public Figure Protection
  • Estate Protection Agents
  • Custom Estate Command Centers
  • Domestic & International Traveling Teams
  • Event Logistics and Planning
  • Bodyguards
  • Personnel Protection
  • Discreet Close Personal Protection


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