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Elk Grove Executive Protection

We all have the right to feel safe in our own neighborhood or anywhere that we choose to go. Unfortunately, when you’re a public figure, corporate executive, or person of higher importance in Elk Grove, you’re in the spotlight due to the smaller sense of community. Without executive security, all potential risks are likelier to occur and you’re made more vulnerable to criminal activity.


An executive protection agent provided through First Security Services is experienced and trained to serve and safeguard anyone, regardless of their stance or position in the community. Some of our usual clients include celebrities, federal agents, executives and other individuals who may find it hard to avoid the spotlight. Our VIP protection services are known for their superiority due to the tough training and seasoned past of all our executive security members.


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Executive Security Services Provided

  • Corporate Executive Protection
  • Public Figure Protection
  • Estate Protection Agents
  • Custom Estate Command Centers
  • Domestic & International Traveling Teams
  • Event Logistics and Planning
  • Bodyguards
  • Personnel Protection
  • VIP Protection
  • Celebrity Bodyguards


To learn more about our executive protection services, call us at 800-778-3017. A professional executive protection agent will answer all your questions while providing a quick threat assessment to decide what level of protection is needed for your circumstances. Then, once the level of corporate security is decided, you’ll receive your FREE quote!


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