Environments In Which You’ll Need Multiple Security Guards

In many cases, hiring just one private security guard should be enough, but in some instances, it would be prudent to make sure that multiple security guards are hired. Security guards can provide a tremendous amount of benefits to a company, for an event, or even for a large residence. However, one question that some people may have is in regards to the amount of security guards that they should hire.


Environments In Which You'll Need Multiple Security Guards


The answer is that it all depends on the environment, of course, but if you’re unsure of how many security guards should be hired, here are some of the main environments in which it’ll be necessary to do so:


A Major Event


If you or your company is hosting a large event, you should hire multiple security guards. Having just one security guard present is not enough. Consider that you’ll need a security guard at the entrance of the event in order to make sure that only authorized individuals or invited guests are allowed in. But you’ll also need at least one security guard to patrol the premises if there are multiple entrances to the building, as well as to patrol the inside where the event is taking place. Not having multiple security guards in this scenario can leave your event with major security vulnerabilities.


A Large Office Building


If your company has a very large office building, including having multiple floors, multiple entrances, and/or hundreds of employees present, multiple security guards should be hired. In most cases, one security guard should be present in the main entrance and at least one more should be at a different location in the building, perhaps either for patrol purposes or to watch the CCTV.


A Prominent Construction Site


If it’s a major construction site, such as one for a commercial property, then it would be a good idea to hire multiple security guards. The reason is because a large construction site will have multiple points of entry in which one security guard will simply not be able to cover the grounds of the property completely. If a security guard witnesses any unauthorized access on CCTV, it would be ideal for him or her to radio it in to another security guard on the premises that’s closer to the perpetrator.


Transportation of Valuable Goods


In a situation in which extremely valuable goods are being transported, whether it’s an abundance of jewelry or a large amount of cash, it might be a good idea to hire multiple security guards to make sure that there are no vulnerabilities present. One security guard is simply not enough to thwart off multiple robbers. For example, if you deal in a business that sells high-end luxury items, hiring multiple security guards during the transportation of these goods is highly recommended.


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