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Felton is a very small community, measuring a mere 0.93 square miles in area.  It is one of the few instances where population density outweighs that of the population itself (4,057 people counted with a steady decrease of 22.24% over the last decade and an estimated population density of approximately 4,373 people per square mile).  These statistics portray both Felton’s compact quality and the level of outsider visitation.  Since many who are not residents appear to be frequently entering into the community, security service must be attentive and orderly to maintain a safe environment for the community’s members and businesses.


Felton Private Security Guards & Services


First Security recognizes the potential dangers associated with non-resident presences and offers a practical, affordable, and highly-esteemed solution: an elite fleet of well-trained security officials who excel in a wide variety of fields.  The following are First Security’s largest available services:


Felton Retail and Residential Security Services

The residential condition in Felton is optimal in contrast to the United States’ average.  Property values are 42% higher than the Californian median while income levels are also steadily above average.  In reflection of the Felton’s upper-scale characteristics, the cost of living floats 38.20% above the nation’s standard.  Such characteristics must always be a factor when considering the likelihood of theft and the necessity of security.


In respect to the retail and education industries, Felton is quite involved.  Public school reports show a 20.3 student to teacher ratio with a 95% graduation rate.  Many residents hold educational occupations, making the industry an important sector for security.  Retail management is also a common profession for post-graduates.  First Security offers the following services to Felton to ensure the security of the community and its investments:


  • Campus Security: A large body of students is practically a community in and of itself so why not protect it in the same way?  First security will protect all contracted school and college campuses with the utmost diligence and care.
  • Mall Security: Shoplifting harms the retail environment.  First Security protects staff, supervising customers, and services parking enforcement for retail centers and malls.
  • Cannabis security plans


Felton Institutional and Corporate Security Services

Outside of education and retail, Felton’s municipal economy is invested in healthcare, construction, and manufacturing.  Most of these facilities are in close proximity to the town.  Since the workplace is at a distance from the home, the following First Security services of should be reviewed:


  •  Office Building, Construction Site and Warehouse Security:  Even locations such as these need a 24 hour security presence to protect against vandalism, break-ins, and other intrusions.  Especially true for office buildings, security works to protect any comprising files that companies keep in their office space.
  • Healthcare Security:  In dealing with patients and staff we guarantee a safe, undisturbed atmosphere.  Keeping an eye on patients and tracking in-and-out going traffic helps to anticipate any disruptions for staff and patients alike.
  • Armed and unarmed security guards


First Security pledges to its clients reliability, especially when lives are at stake.  We take all environments seriously and always strive to exceed expectation.


Felton Crime Rate Indexes

Felton Crime Rate Indexes



Felton Private Security Service

For whatever reasons an individual may have, the option for personal security in Felton is always viable.  Like many other fields we work with, we employ our best technology with proven methods for personal services such as bodyguard protection, vehicle patrol and property watch.


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Ensuring the safety of yourself, your loved ones, and your co-workers has never been easier.  First Security has served North California for over 40 years with excellence and professionalism, proving to be more than adequate to handle any job.  See for yourself and speak with our team of consultants who will guide you through the flexible, hassle-free process.  To contact us you may call the Santa Cruz district’s phone line at 1-800-778-3017, or at your own convenience, submit the form located on First Security’s homepage for a free service quote.  When it comes to the security of family and community, one should not settle for second-rate.  Simply put: First Security is reliable and efficient.  Don’t hesitate to contact us; you deserve to feel secure about the security service you are using.


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