Fetters Hot Springs Private Security Guards & Services

 Fetters Hot Springs’ Armed and Unarmed Security Guards


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Fetters Hot Springs is a community in the Sonoma Valley with a population of 4,200. Along with Agua Caliente, Fetters Hot Springs forms an area that is a census designated place (populations combined for voting purposes) in Sonoma County.


Fetters Hot Springs Private Security Guards & Services


First Security Services is top-of-the-line security guard contractor that employs only the best and most capable security professionals in the industry. Our security staff are all pre-screened to ensure that we select the best candidates and our trainers are former police officers, military personnel and high-end security professionals.


To hire security guards in Fetters Hot Springs, call us today at 1-800-778-3017 or submit your security request through the online submission form!


Retail, Residential and Office Security Guards in Fetters Hot Springs


Our security guards are among the most highly trained security professionals in the industry. We provide retail security guards and loss prevention associates, residential security for private homes, apartments and HOA’s, and office security.


These are services we are proud to have offered in Fetters Hot Springs for more than 25 years and we are committed to providing only the best, most highly-trained and well-equipped guards in the industry. Here are some of the many other security services we provide:


  • Armed and unarmed security guards
  • Mobile patrol and security dispatch
  • Uniformed and plain clothes security guards
  • Professional bodyguards and executive protection
  • Campus and school security guards
  • Crowd security and parking enforcement
  • Industrial and commercial security guards
  • Hospital and bank security guards
  • Construction site security guards
  • Overnight patrol and alarm monitoring
  • Warehouse and work site security
  • Cannabis consultations


Loss Prevention, Retail and Commercial Security


  • Indoor and outdoor special event security

Our special event security guards have wide-ranging experience that includes security detail for concerts, festivals, sporting events, trade shows and conventions. The officers of First Security Services are also well-versed in managing event logistics like crowd management, parking enforcement and guest removal.


  • School and campus security guards

The campus security guards of First Security Services serve one of the most important functions of our business and one we are very proud of: protecting children and the educational institutions they attend. A uniformed security presence on a school campus greatly deters criminal activity and also acts as a communication line between schools and local police.

  • Government building security guards

Maintaining the safety of our local health care facilities is one of the most important jobs we have at First Security Services. A safe and secure medical office or hospital puts not only your employees at ease, but your patients as well.


To hire security guards in Fetters Hot Springs, or for a free security guard estimate, contact us today at 1-800-778-3017 or fill out the short quote form!


Looking For Security Guard Jobs In Fetters Hot Springs?

At First Security Services, we are always looking for qualified security professionals to add to our talented team. Visit our Fetters Hot Springs security guard jobs page to apply today!

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