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Why Would Anyone in Florin Need a Security Service? 

With the Sheriff’s Department on one boundary and the Highway Patrol on the other, you would think that Florin would be at zero crime rates.


Not so- unfortunately. 


The Sheriff’s office does recommend that as many citizens as possible should hire a security service or guards to help protect their property because the department no longer has the budget to investigate or respond to all the calls in their jurisdiction.


For the last year, the Sheriff has only had 10 detectives to investigate property crimes and of those, four specialize in car thefts, metal theft and pawn shop theft.


What worries law enforcement officials is that once you have been a victim of property crime, you are likely to be targeted again in less than 6-weeks. Add to that the fact that many property crimes escalate into violent crimes. Unless you have an alarm system plus private security guard that is en route responding to your activated alarm, you may be seriously injured or killed because someone, for example, wanted to steal your television.


In an interview the Sheriff pointed out, “Though property crime is common – and happens in all neighborhoods, no matter how safe – police stress that it is a crime of opportunity.”


How Do You Know If A Private Security Guard is Legitimate?

In California, every security guard – whether working for a security service or for a private business, retail outlet or government office – must have a Guard Registration Card that is still active.

  • Each card must be carried at all times while performing their services.
  • Each card will designate what the guard is authorized to carry – firearm, baton, pepper spray, tazer


What Can Private Security Guards Do?

Once our private security guards have been trained and certified to carry weapons, as well as trained in the power to arrest, they can investigate, detain, and arrest criminals.


  • Unarmed Guards – Usually, retail stores, malls and other public enterprises hire unarmed guards for the purpose of investigating shoplifting, loss prevention or preventing weapons from entering a building.
  • Foot Patrol Guards – You may see foot patrol guards whenever you attend a high school sports, charities or entertainment events. Some of these guards will be unarmed and others will be armed. Generally used for crowd control and de-escalating overly loud patrons, these guards also are on the lookout for pick-pockets, child molesters and domestic violence type crimes.
  • Vehicle Patrol Guards – Large corporate complexes, shopping malls, parking lots and neighborhoods hire vehicle guards to patrol a particular area during designated times. Our vehicle patrol guards are empowered to make arrests and have instant communications in their vehicles to contact law enforcement, as well as the ability to receive a live-stream transmission from a security camera on the premises.
  • Alarm Response Guards – There are two types of alarm response guards. The first is responding to a monitor watching your video feed and the other is the vehicle patrol guard who will respond to your premises when an alarm is activated.

We can create a security response team for you, your business and your neighborhood at the most affordable rates.


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