Marijuana Security Guards in Fontana

Fontana is the 20th largest city in the state of California, boasting an ever-growing population that sits around 208,000. The city is known for its bountiful crops including fruit orchards and citruses, and locals are proud of the impressive wine vineyards, as well.

While these fruitful crops have been the pride and joy of this city for many years, a new product has made its way into Fontana. Medicinal marijuana became the new product up for discussion when the very first dispensary was ever erected in the town.

After the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA) was passed, recreational marijuana dispensaries were now legal in the quiet city. And while this movement has promised economic growth and greater opportunities for entrepreneurs, other changes have had to be made as well.

First Security Services

At First Security Services of California, we were on high-alert when the sale of recreational marijuana was legalized. We were one of the first security companies to recognize that there would be a need for stronger, more robust security with recreational marijuana on the shelves of Fontana storefronts.

With such a high-demand product sitting on shelves, and with many sales being completed with cash, we needed to come up with a plan to heighten our security programs in the cannabis industry.

In response, we came up with a brand-new division, which would be strictly focused on marijuana-based security, and all Cannabis-Related Businesses (CRB).

This group would be known as the First Security Special Services Division.

Special Services Division

In order to create a team that is as effective as possible in the cannabis industry, First Security Services employs men and women who are mostly prior and/or Retired or Reserve Military personnel.

These individuals possess the training and knowledge necessary to perform in the CRB industry. They understand and can perform in high-stress situations, displaying invaluable decision-making and tactics.

In addition to that, the Special Services Division is given training in access control. These training procedures are in accordance with the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC), as well as County and City Cannabis Regulations.

What Does This Team Do?

With a great deal of training and education, this team of marijuana security guards gains a strong understanding of the cannabis industry, as well as the acceptable Cannabis Operations and protocols.

Should a cannabis-related business in Fontana ever come into danger, our 420 security will respond quickly and effectively. They will be able to asses the situation and go forward with the safest and most effective plan to protect both the people and inventory in danger.

Special Services Division is certified in the following:

  • Pepperball
  • Baton
  • Taser
  • Management of Aggressive Behaviour (M.O.A.B)
  • Tactical, Combat Casualty Care (T.C.C.C)

Special Services Division Operations

This special division is responsible for providing cannabis-related businesses with many services for protection. These include:

  • High-Value Asset Transportation Support
  • Residential Security
  • Active Shooter and Workplace Violence Training
  • Grow Ops (Operations) Security
  • Armed & Unarmed Private Security
  • Corporate Travel and Protection Support
  • ...and more.

This division of First Security Services is one of the first of its kind. We are proud to say that we are one of the first Cannabis Security Forces in California to create security “best practices”. With all that our special security team has learned since its inception, we are now able to inform and educate other security services across the United States and beyond.

In keeping with the integrity of our Special Services Division, we are a “referred-based” division that does not utilize advertising in order to obtain more clients. Instead, we rely solely on word- of-mouth from our clients, allowing their experiences to speak for themselves.

Business Owners in Fontana

Fontana, California boasts a handful of medical marijuana dispensaries; however, you’ll be hard-pressed to find recreational options. In most cases, customers will need to order recreational marijuana from nearby cities if they want to take part.

That being said, the accessibility of marijuana in storefronts is still just as prominent in Fontana as other California cities. Business owners and employees alike need to utilize safe practices if they want to encourage cannabis protection on a daily basis.

The Bureau of Cannabis Control has laid down a variety of laws, which should be followed by all cannabis-related businesses in Fontana. Some of these laws include:

  • The use of a video surveillance system around the building
  • Usage of identification badges for all employees
  • Proper locks on all windows and doors
  • Use of log books to keep track of access control

Even if some of the state laws seem trivial, business owners are in just as much danger if they do not follow protocols laid down by state and city councils.

Plan Your Consultation With Us

Is your cannabis-related business in Fontana safe? Even if you think it is, your business could be exposed to all kinds of expensive losses.

Fortunately, our Special Services Division has the knowledge to help your business run more efficiently. Not only are they trained to provide a high level of security, but they are also trained to know and understand the laws set down by state and city councils.

With this huge advantage, the team is able to recognize where you’re doing things right, and where your safety protocols require improvements.

We perform numerous consultations for cannabis-related businesses, which help us bring to light any problems with safety, security, or protocol. After a consultation, we will put together a risk management plan, highlighting all of the changes that need to be made to improve your security.

With a cannabis security plan, business owners in Fontana can be sure that their business is safe and incident-free for many years to come.