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Private Security Guards and Services In Foothill Farms Area

What would the Foothill Farms area need in terms of private security when it is such a bucolic setting populated by friendly people whose closest thought of crime is seen in Law and Order on television.


Simply put, criminals – like everyone else in the United States – jumps into their car and roam the areas around Sacramento in search of the easiest place to steal any and every thing they want.  Some thieves seem to think that stealing others’ property is a career move.


Most of us would like to see them ‘move’ into the nearest prison.


Our private security guards take the opposite path to a career, possessed with an overwhelming desire to protect regular citizens from those who would victimize them for no reason other than lazy greediness.


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Foothill Farms, California

Foothill Farms, California


What Should You Expect California Security Guards to Know?

Unlike the majority of states, California guards have the same powers as police officers to arrest suspects and perpetrators. There is a catch to this, naturally. Each guard has to take an assortment of specific classes, pass the state designed test and be licensed at each stage of the training.


These classes include:


  • Public Relations for the Community and the Customer – Our guards learn how to behave in a professional manner and uphold the ethics while enforcing the laws. They practice crisis intervention and observing and recognizing gender or racial harassment.
  • Observation and Documentation – There are precise methods to use when observing people’s actions, the state of property and being able to estimate how damages occur.  Learning the proper way to ask questions, write reports and spotting suspicious activity is a skill that must be practiced in the field under the supervision of a teacher.
  • Liability/Legal Aspects – Knowing Bureau of Security & Investigative Services codes, liability issues that could affect the employer or the public and familiarity with the protocols related to contacting other agencies are all important for our guards to know thoroughly so that they can act within the bounds of the law.
  • First Aid/CPR – Our guards are encouraged to take advanced classes in first aid and first responder duties, to be able to assist people at a moment’s notice.
  • Power to Arrest & Arrests, Search & Seizure – These two classes prepare our guards to approach suspects in the correct way; search suspects and perpetrators without violating their legal rights and arrest and detain them when sufficient evidence warrants it.
  • We provide cannabis protection as well


What Should You Know About Private Security Guards?

Every security guard is required to pass a minimum of two background checks done several months apart in order to get licensed by the state. Add to that, we do our own background check before hiring our guards.


Security guards are not licensed to perform all the duties or to carry various weapons at one sitting.  They are required to work in their field to gain relevant experience before being qualified to advance to the next level.


Guards are trained and licensed for specific weapons before they are allowed to carry them in their job.


Every security guard is given a Guard Card which designates the level and authority that they are given. These cards must be carried at all times and produced for inspection whenever requested – whether by an employer, contract holder or the general public.


Why Should You Hire Local Security Guards?

Aside from hiring local people that support the local economy, local guards are familiar with local fire, EMT & police officers.


They know how to give directions and they understand the community’s peculiarities. They tend to be friendlier and more neighborly than someone coming from another area.


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