For Protecting Expensive Equipment

If you own a business that works with a lot of equipment you know just how expensive it can be. If you deal with construction, a backhoe or front end loader can cost over $100,000 alone. Engine driven welders can cost over $15,000. Even if your business is more of a corporate office setting, you will likely have valuable data servers, computer equipment, copiers, printers, and fax machines. All of this equipment costs a great deal of money, and your investment deserves to be protected from theft or vandalism.


For Protecting Expensive Equipment


When you have construction equipment at a job site, it is particularly open to criminal activity. It is usually left in an open area overnight with no workers present to keep an eye on it. In this situation, it is incredibly important to hire security to keep your equipment safe. A trained security professional can be used to make sure the only people who are entering your job site have the authorization to be there. Vandals often target construction equipment and cause damage or paint graffiti on your property.


A guard will also keep a log of any equipment that enters or leaves the site. No equipment will be permitted to leave the site without express authorization beforehand. Your expensive tools and equipment will be right where you left them. 24-hour patrols and surveillance will keep your equipment protected even when work has stopped for the day.


Protect Your Office…

Office buildings are also not immune to the need for proper security. Small thefts like office supplies and stationery add up to costly losses, and servers and computer equipment are not only expensive but could potentially house sensitive information. Protecting this type of equipment is not only important because of its cost, but because a breach of security could potentially expose customer data to hackers, and identity thieves. If you lose your customer’s trust. It can be hard to gain it back. A strong security team can help prevent these issues before they start.


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