For Vacant Buildings

If you own a vacant building, such as a home waiting for a new buyer, a warehouse that isn’t currently in use, an office undergoing renovations, or any other type of vacant property, you could find yourself with a whole host of problems if you aren’t careful. Vacant properties are enticing to criminals and vandals who are looking for an easy target. Whether your property is going to remain vacant for a short period of time, or if will be empty for a longer stretch, it is a good idea to make sure your residence or property is protected.


For Vacant Buildings


A vacant property is an easy target for thieves looking to make an easy score. Property that is left inside can be taken. Copper plumbing and wiring are also targets for criminals looking to recycle it for money. Tools or equipment left during repairs and renovations could be stolen.


Vandalism is also a common problem in vacant properties. Vandals have been known to break windows, destroy structures and property or commit graffiti. If the plumbing is tampered with, costly water damage could occur.


We Will Keep Squatters Out

Another problem with vacant properties is squatters and homeless people. There have been cases where a group of homeless people have entered vacant buildings and started a fire for warmth. That fire got out of control and burned down the building. Even without a fire, squatters can damage a building by leaving trash and drug paraphernalia on the property. The longer they are there, the worse that problem becomes.


Hiring security can alleviate many of these concerns. A residential or property security professional can be dispatched to patrol the area at random times during the day and night. These guards make it much less likely that thieves looking for an easy buck or homeless people and squatters looking for shelter will target your property. If someone were to be found on the premises without proper authorization they can quickly be evicted. Having a security professional checking on your property can also alert you to any potential problems before they get out of control and end up becoming incredibly costly.


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