For Vacant Houses – Real Estate for Sale

You’ve completed the renovations, given everything a nice fresh coat of paint and staged your property with furniture to entice buyers. Everything is ready to go- now it is time to list this home for sale. When you are dealing in real estate like this, you may have a home that is vacant while it is on the market. It is an inevitability of the business, but it can present a problem. Vacant homes and buildings can be tempting for thieves, vandals, squatters, and other types of criminals. You need to protect your real estate from them if you want to make top dollar on the housing market and avoid costly repairs.


For Vacant Houses – Real Estate for Sale


Thieves like burglarizing vacant homes. Since no one is likely to be around, there is little chance of being caught. Vacant homes sometimes have staging furnishings, a few stray tools, and equipment, or valuable appliances. Even if you don’t have anything like that in your vacant real estate property, criminals will rip out copper wiring and pipes to recycle for money. This can even cause expensive structural, electrical or water damage to the home, ultimately costing you much more than you thought it would.


Vandals can break in and destroy property, and cover the walls with graffiti. Squatters could be looking for an easy way to get some shelter and destroy things, commit illicit acts, leave garbage and drug paraphernalia lying throughout the building, or even accidentally burn the home to the ground by starting unsafe fires for warmth. That last thing you want is to check on your supposedly empty property and find unwanted people there, or even worse, a bunch of costly damage and trash.


The Solution to Your Problems is First Security

The solution is to hire a private security firm to guard your vacant home. Trained security professionals can be dispatched at random times day or night. They are trained to spot problems and deal with them appropriately. Any intruders can be removed from the property and damage can be prevented. A visible security presence also acts as an effective deterrent to criminal behavior. Amateur and even professional criminals prefer easy targets. Showing them that you are serious about the safety of your property will make thieves think twice about hitting your home.


Let First Security Services give you the peace of mind to know that your property is protected. We have been in the security business for over 50 years, and are fully bonded and insured. Contact us today for a free quote by calling 1-800-778-3017 or filling out our contact form.