Freeport Private Security Guards & Services

There is an assumption that the only people who need – and can afford – security guard services are those who are in the upper-income brackets. That’s not true.  Private security services are affordable for nearly every income level and every neighborhood.


Who needs their property protected more than those who work hard and save to buy homes, cars, campers and boats? And, people who live in Freeport are more vulnerable to strangers coming into their neighborhoods than almost any other area of Sacramento.


Freeport Private Security Guards & Services


With the river access right at your front door, strangers are constantly parking across the street from your homes and businesses. Most are there for legitimate purposes.  The question remains, what about the guys who park their campers overnight and remain in the neighborhood for several days?


With children playing in the backyards, teens scurrying over to the river bank and your job 10-miles or more away from your home, who is watching the neighborhood to keep them safe?


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Why Would Freeport Need Private Security?

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department is stretched thin ever since the budget cuts took effect. The officers may only patrol your street once in a night – and that does not mean that they are able to stop and check out campers or boaters who may be lingering.


Neighborhood Watch groups are fine but they don’t have the power to arrest people if they are trespassing or investigate them if they are doing something suspicious. Private citizens – even though they may have been in the military – could be facing the wrong end of a gun if they approach a camper after dark and the party inside is as skittish of strangers as you may be.


This could turn a concerned resident into a dead family member very quickly.


During the Spring and Summer when college kids are tired of studying and need to let off steam, they head for those areas that have access to the river.


College kids partying all night can go from fun to high-tension assaults in moments.


Drug dealers are always on the lookout for an out-of-the-way place to make their deals without being noticed. Mounded river banks that hide them are ideal.


Don’t You Want to Hire the Most Experienced for the Lowest Cost?

The fact is that the most important thing to consider when hiring a security guard service is the amount of experience and training that your guard has. You could get a cheaper service but the person you depend on to protect you may not be sufficiently experienced to handle the chore.


Cost is the second most important thing as you should have enough options to opt in with an arrangement that will suit your budget.


Can You Choose the Services You Want?

The short answer is “yes” and in addition to that, you can select the time periods that you want the services to be used. No one knows your schedule or neighborhood’s peculiarities better than you.


We take a look at the layout of the property or neighborhood and suggest several options that will work to protect your property.  We can set up a temporary or yearly contract that you can modify if you decide. We are more interested in helping you secure your area and property than in selling you a service that you don’t want or need.


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