Marijuana Security in Fremont

Fremont’s recreational marijuana businesses seek to combat potential threats.

The city of Fremont has been just as accepting of the new marijuana laws as anyone else; however, while the progressive attitude is warmly-welcomed by its residents, there’s no disagreement that it has caused some issues.

Fremont boasts a wide range of cannabis-related business (CRB), and the movement has done wonders for the economy, as well as hopeful storefront owners. However, the change in laws sparked another change that people didn’t see coming: a need for increased security.

Fortunately, a team in California began devising a plan for these changes ages ago; their insight has allowed them to become the frontrunner in cannabis protection. That team was derived from First Security Services, and has since then helped numerous business owners ensure the safety and success of their cannabis business ventures.

Who Are They?

First Security Services recognized early in that CRB would require a heightened level of security, based on the product itself as well as the high demand.

In response, this security organization began to develop a special services division that would be devoted entirely to cannabis protection and security. The team is made up largely of ex- marine individuals, each with training in tactics and combat that would be of use in this field of protection.

While the team members in this special unit already possessed the means to perform well in combat situations, it has been a key focus for the team to focus on defusing high-risk situations before ever using physical force.

While the team has been trained in additional combat and defensive tactics for your safety, the main mission is to keep everyone safe, no matter what. As one of the first teams of marijuana security guards, our special unit is more prepared than anyone to keep Fremont businesses safe.

More Than Just a Guard

We know that many people assume security guards simply stand around and keep watch over businesses. While they certainly do perform basic tasks like this, our staff are trained to do so much more than that.

That’s because we recognize that CRB need more than just a large guard at the front of their store. The ins and outs of a cannabis business require safety protocols in every aspect of the business, whether that be opening a store, purchasing product, transporting money, and so on.

That being said, we apply our vast knowledge of the cannabis world to our security protocols. We provide safety both on and off store property, recognizing that there is more to keeping a business safe than just wandering the store aisles. There are a lot of moving parts in running a CRB, and we are proud to offer security at every turn.

Additionally, our special forces team has taken the time to learn more about the technical side of owning a cannabis business. That’s because even if your business is the safest one in Fremont, you’ll still get shut down if you aren’t practicing state and local regulations.

Our goal is not simply to protect these stores and owners, but to keep them in business. If our team ever recognizes that a regulation or law isn’t being met, we’ll work with the store owner to make it happen.

Our 420 security staff can help business owners meet the standards of the Bureau of Cannabis Control (CBB), as well as any specific laws that pertain to the city of Fremont. Some of the basic requirements from the CBB include:

  • Having a comprehensive video surveillance system
  • Providing all staff members with badges that must be worn at all times
  • Log books to keep track of employee entry into specific spaces

Our ability to recognize both physical threats and regulation threats helps us to stand out from all the rest.

Planning Your Consultation

One of the best things you can do for your CRB is to get in touch with us about having a full consultation done. We offer consultations to all of the businesses we work with, so that we can provide them with the best security solutions for their needs.

During a consultation, we’ll visit your storefront in Fremont and discuss all of the potential threats and risks that might give you trouble in the future. That includes issues that involve break-ins and theft, as well as any threats that could land your store in trouble with the law.

Once we’ve done a consultation, we’ll be able to provide you with a risk management plan. This plan will cover all of the services we think your business needs, including surveillance, increased security measures, city regulation updates, and more. By creating a very specific cannabis security plan for you, we can ensure that your customers will be able to enjoy a safe and properly-regulated business for years to come.

What Else Can We Provide?

Aside from all of the things we’ve already mentioned, our security team can also offer:

  • Residential, personal, and travel security
  • High value asset transportation and protection
  • Maintaining a Security Operation Command
  • Executive and High Net Worth Protection
  • Site/Facility, Grow Ops, Retail, and Residential Security
  • ...and more

Not only can our guards provide top-of-the-line security and protection, but we’re also qualified to give your employees basic safety training. This training will help them to make smart, safe decisions in the event of a break-in, or a physical threat.

While we hope that they never have to actually apply this knowledge to a real situation, it can be helpful to know that your employees are prepared in case they find themselves in a dangerous situation.

Even though we want to provide our essential services to every cannabis-related business, we never market our services to anyone. Instead, we rely on word of mouth to help us assist the community. By using this approach, we only ever provide the highest level of service to business owners in the Fremont area.