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Fruitridge Body Guards

Whether you’re a resident of Fruitridge or going there for a visit, it never hurts to bring a bodyguard with you, especially if you’re a person of higher interest. At First Security Services, we provide some of the best bodyguard services. We are the leading security services company in the State of California due to our communications support and highly trained security guards and bodyguards.

All of our services cater directly to the needs of our clients. We offer private and VIP bodyguard services among many other discreet security options. All of our personal bodyguards for hire were formal members of the military or other government protection agency. That’s why were able to give our clients the choice of unarmed or armed bodyguard services. All the agents that work for us are licensed and certified to serve and protect.


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Where You’ll Find Our Bodyguards Useful

  • Parties
  • Charity Events
  • Red Carpet or VIP Events
  • Personal Protection
  • Conventions
  • Political Events
  • Public Facilities or Events
  • Corporate Executive Protection
  • Event Logistics and Planning


As you can see, our bodyguards come in use nearly anywhere. It’s always wise to have a sense of security as you go about your daily endeavors. Our bodyguard services are easy to take advantage of and relatively low in cost. We know we can provide you with the right bodyguard security, but you must give us a call at 800-778-3017 to get started!

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