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Fruitridge may be a dot on the Sacramento map but if you live here, you have the benefits that come with living in a metropolitan area. One of those advantages is that office personnel working in the computer technology departments have better educations to help them use the most modern software programs to stop and catch criminals.


Sometimes, these programs are in operation in private security guard service companies before they are utilized by police departments.  Here are some of the latest advances in technology that can help security officers keep you safe.


Have You Heard of the “Journey to Crime” Software Module?

Unless you are studying criminal justice or are already involved in law enforcement, you have probably never heard of this technique.




Hot Spot mapping is part of the same program that is available to police and private security companies.


The program is designed to geographically analyze the most likely areas where specific types of crimes will take place and to estimate the probability of where the perpetrators live. The concept is based on data collected over a decade that says, “criminals start from somewhere”.


One interesting piece of data that is predicting where perpetrators of crimes live is that burglars use opportunity nearest to home that offers the greatest potential payoff. By contrast, car thieves select areas farther away from their own residence where they are less likely to be recognized.


Granted, no one wants to believe that someone two miles or less from your home is likely to break into your house and steal from you – especially if you live in a “safe” or “rural” area.  To find out how our guards benefit from this technology in protecting your property, you can get in touch with us, using the form below.


Is There Anything to Stop Car Thefts?

What would our high-tech world be without innovation? Yes, there are a high-tech gadgets called “Directed Energy Devices” that send out signals that disrupt a cars electrical system and components. Any car built since 1995 – and some earlier models as well – have electrical components [fuses, for example] that coordinate with the engine to keep the car running.


StarChase is another interesting way of locating car thieves and your car. StarChase is the law enforcement version of OnStar and Lojack systems installed in current models: the Arizona Department of Public Safety was the first to test and use this remote virtual tracking system. The results were impressive and surprising.


Law enforcement discovered that by remotely tracking the vehicle rather than endangering lives in high-speed chases, they could wait until the car stopped and pick the criminal up in his own home!


In one case, they discovered over 400-pounds of marijuana.


Does Social Media Help Private Security Guards Prevent or Stop Crimes?

Do you tweet?  If not, do your kids tweet? Probably. So do law enforcement officers and Private Security Guards and Services companies.


One of the most successful ways for citizens to contact our security guards is by sending a tweet. It’s silent, fast and we know who you are.


In one instance, a customer who had just returned home from having a baby and was alone in the house at the time, heard her back door crash in. She grabbed her baby and hid in the attic. All she had was her cell phone and afraid the intruder would hear her if she tried to make a call, she sent a tweet to the call center telling them she was in the attic with the baby and someone had broken into the house.


Let’s hear it for the little blue bird!


Other social media, such as Facebook is valuable for spreading the word about missing children or criminals on the run that police are trying to bring to book. Social media sources are faster than television and radio announcements.


Our officers use the latest technology including social media to keep in contact with our customers. Call us at 1-800-778-3017 and find out how affordable our services really are. Or better yet, please fill in the form above with your basic information and we’ll get back to you with first-hand advice on what kind of security solution is most appropriate for you.

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