Fruitridge Temporary Security Guards For Hire

Fruitridge Temporary Security Guards For Hire

Fruitridge Temporary Security Guards

Although the crime rate in Fruitridge is lower than most other cities and towns around it, violent crimes and property crimes are inevitable no matter where you’re at in the world. The sad truth is that these crimes can happen at any given time, unless you are sure you are protected against such unforgiving acts. First Security Services offers some of the absolute best protection in the State of California.


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No matter what kind of event you’re in the midst of planning, First Security has temporary security guards ready to provide security for it. Not only do our unarmed and armed temporary security guards act as protection, but they cater to other matters too. They’ll help with event and logistic planning; provide crowd and traffic control, and even assist with setting up for the event. There’s not much they won’t assist you with during your time with them as your temporary security.


To take advantage of our temporary security guard services, give us a call at 800-778-3017. Our staff members will assist you with setting up your temporary security services and provide you with a FREE security services quote. You may also fill out our online quote form to receive a quote for services via email.

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