Future Looks Bright For California Security Companies

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The private security industry in California has gotten a shot in the arm recently, largely on the back of the technology industry and increased community concern over the lack of police officers in communities that need them. In light of these developments and the advocacy of CALSAGA, the future of the security is positioned to grow and develop at an unprecedented rate.


California Tech Industry & Private Security


The tech industry has simultaneously improved existing security measures that rely on technology (mainly remote surveillance and identity verification), as well as driven the demand for private security officers at their offices, satellite locations, and even on their commuter buses in the case of Google. Many companies that have focused their energy on information security are starting to turn to for-hire security guards to protect their physical assets and institutional security procedures.


California Communities Seek Security Alternatives


Many communities around the U.S are seeking out private security companies to fill the void left by police departments that have been forced to cut staffing and hours. In the Rockridge community of Oakland, residents turned to an internet crowdsourcing platform to raise awareness and gather financial backing so that they could hire their own neighborhood patrols, which collectively raised nearly $50,000 to fund the idea.


CALSAGA Support & The Security Industry


The California Association of Licensed Security Agencies, Guards and Associates (CALSAGA), is an organization that seeks to improve standards, education, training and legislation for the security industry in California. CALSAGA works closely with the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services with regard to regulation and advocacy on behalf of private security companies and contract security guards in the state.


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